3 Places You Probably Forgot To Decorate

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3 Places You Probably Forgot To Decorate
3 Places You Probably Forgot To Decorate

One of the most exciting parts of homeownership is decorating your new space. You probably already tackled the main areas, like your living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedrooms—after all that hard work, it’s no wonder you’ve decided to hang your hat and call it a day.

Don’t kick your feet up just yet; there are plenty of places in your home you probably forgot to decorate. Make a plan to complete your interior design if you’ve left any of these areas empty.


If you’re looking for spots that need some attention, just look up! Your ceilings provide a ton of space to feature unique structures that can tie a room together. You might think decorating your ceiling is pointless; however, many refer to them as a “fifth wall,” so don’t miss your chance to add some extra pizzazz.

There are many interesting ways you can dress up your ceiling. For example, you could refinish box beams for your ceiling for a charming, rustic atmosphere, or you could go for coffered ceilings if you prefer a more luxurious aesthetic.

Laundry Rooms

Decorating your laundry room is probably the last thing on your mind. After all, who else is going to see this space besides you? Sprucing up your home means finding purpose in every nook and cranny, and your laundry room is no exception.

Store your detergents, dryer sheets, and scent beads in cute containers for some added flair; you can keep these jars on floating shelves that match your desired style. If you want to get fancy, add some fresh tilework to give your laundry room a makeover from the ground up.


Hallways are notoriously difficult to design. There likely isn’t enough space for furniture, and you don’t usually spend much time in these areas anyway. Forgetting to decorate this place in your home is a common faux pas that is easy to fix!

Hallways are perfect for mounting sconces and other elegant light fixtures. You could also create a gallery wall with intricate frames to adorn the space; empty hallways are always perfect for family portraits, so hang some pictures of your most cherished family members to dress the walls.

Once you’ve faced these areas, your home will finally be complete! Every empty corner is an opportunity to personalize your space even further; leave no stone unturned and bask in the beauty that is your dream home.