3 Tips for Decluttering Before a Big Move

3 Tips for Decluttering Before a Big Move

Decluttering helps homeowners maintain a clean home, but you can use it in more ways than making the house look nice. Using decluttering for staging is useful, and you can take advantage of this cleanup routine in even more ways. Find the best way to prepare your belongings with the help of these tips for decluttering before a big move.

Organize Junk Promptly

You may think that organizing items for moving begins with essentials, but not quite. Instead, start with your junk. Organizing junk may sound simple enough because you may think it just means getting rid of trash. For some individuals, that is the case. But many people have to purge bulky junk before a move. Examples of this junk include TV stands, couches, tables, gym equipment, and many other items. As soon as possible, walk through your home and jot down all the junk you want to get rid of so that you can plan a prompt purge at a convenient time.

Luckily, you can reach out to professionals to get rid of the larger items from residential properties. Even if you’re moving from one commercial property to another, junk removal is invaluable for efficiency. One of the key things to expect when hiring a junk removal company is that they can move a wide range of items from your property so that you can start organizing the essentials.

Don’t Wait To Pack

Determining when to pack away the items you use the most isn’t easy. For example, if you use the coffee machine every day, storing it for the move weeks beforehand will make a big difference in your daily routine. Like you should do with junk, walk through your home and write down which items you need to have days before the move. Pack the stuff that you can live without.

Think about how you can alter your daily routine to live with only your personal essentials in your daily routine, whether that include your work desk or your Xbox. That way, you can start scheduling the right times to put everything away over time instead of doing it all at once. Finding the motivation to assess your belongings is the biggest challenge here because moving is stressful. Don’t worry; the sooner you organize your belongings, the smoother the moving experience will be for you.

Get Comfortable With Losing Nostalgic Items

This may sound bittersweet, but getting rid of nostalgic items doesn’t have to be negative. The memories you associate with any item will always be with you. Plus, moving doesn’t automatically call for dumping every nostalgic object in the trash. If you want to optimize storage space during the move, then consider whether any item you’re keeping is solely for nostalgic purposes.

Then, take time to determine if you’re ready to get rid of those items to ensure your boxes and moving vehicle have as much space as possible. If you have room for everything, including the nostalgic items, there’s nothing wrong with that. But considering purging those items will help you find opportunities to make more room for essentials. Thanks to these tips for decluttering before a big move, you can organize and dispose of items however you want before moving day arrives.