3 Wedding Day Hacks That You Need To Know

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3 Wedding Day Hacks That You Need To Know

Planning your wedding day can feel very stressful because it takes a lot of time and effort. Plus, it often feels like you’re running around until the last minute. Don’t worry. Feeling some stress before such a big event is understandable, but some easy wedding day hacks will help you make the event run more smoothly. Check out these essential wedding day hacks that you need to know before making any plans.

Number Your RSVPs

Using the right hacks starts early in the planning phase. RSVPs returning to you without a name or with handwriting that is difficult to read can complicate the planning process. Unless you want your seating chart to have a bunch of question marks on it, establish a way to identify which RSVPs go to each guest.

Write a number on each RSVP and make a list that associates each number to an address. Doing so allows you to know whose RSVP it is when it returns, signed or not. Once you know who is coming to the wedding, you can focus more on other plans, such as how the venue will look.

Give Ugly Walls a Facelift

Finding a venue that is mostly beautiful except for one or two ugly design choices can be frustrating. After all, you likely don’t want those blemishes hindering the venue’s visual appeal on your big day. The right decorations will help you give ugly walls, windows, and other spots a facelift. For example, one of the various tips for picking a color palette for event drapes is to identify a missing element in the venue.

Consider covering the wall with decorative fabrics if you are unhappy with the look of it, whether it’s the texture, color, artwork, or beyond. You can choose from upright panels or ceiling drapes to make the venue look more stunning.

Stock Up on Quick Snacks

Another essential wedding day hack that you need to know is to pack a quick bag of nutritional snacks. Pack various items into small bags or containers from energy bars to nuts. Doing so gives you access to easy-to-eat foods that will give you the energy you need to run around during the wedding day without neglecting your nutrition.

That said, don’t replace every meal with energy bars during the wedding day. Healthy snacks are helpful when you need to get tasks done before the wedding, but try to make time for a big, healthy breakfast. Supplementing your meals with nutritious snacks ensures you can get the fuel you need to make the most out of the event. Now that you have these tips, you can start planning and preparing for the wedding of your dreams.