4 Simple Ways To Update Your Deck This Summer

4 Simple Ways To Update Your Deck This Summer
4 Simple Ways To Update Your Deck This Summer

The outdoor elements of your home are where you make the best summertime memories. If you have a deck you’re planning to lounge or host events on this summer, now is the prime time to upgrade it. You may want to begin a new decking project. A seasonal update can boost your deck’s quality and even optimize your home’s value for years to come. Explore simple ways to update your deck this summer by doing a few maintenance tips and practices to renew the outside appearance of your home.

Replace the Boards

The stability of your deck becomes compromised when there’s damage to both the boards and railing. Assess your deck boards’ condition to determine the type of damage they have and which ones are ready for replacement. If you have railings on your deck, you should see if they require replacement too.

Clean Up the Surface

Perform a thorough cleaning on your deck to remove dirt, grime, and buildup that contributes to an aged appearance. Be mindful of what materials and brand of paint your deck has. This way, you can avoid using cleaning products that can damage the surface. Consider using a pressure washer to help remove tough buildup.

Sand Down the Surface

Sanding your deck helps reset the surface as if you’ve started a new decking project. If there’s minimal wear and tear on your deck, you can just sand the areas where paint chipping and flaking are occurring. If the damage goes further, consider sanding the deck down in its entirety or looking into a replacement.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

After sanding your deck, the texture and appearance are perfect for a paint application. You can also paint over old coats of paint if they don’t exhibit blistering, peeling, or cracking. Painting is a way to update your deck this summer and transform its look. Paint helps renew the deck by refreshing the surface and allowing you to use a new color.