4 Types of Home Security Systems To Consider

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4 Types of Home Security Systems To Consider
4 Types of Home Security Systems To Consider

Your home is your private space that requires protection. Therefore, it’s essential to have a security system to protect you from possible break-ins and other mishaps. If you’re interested in installing a security system or want to know more about them, then check out this list of four types of home security systems to consider.

Self-Monitored Security Systems

A self-monitored security system is a system that you can control and monitor yourself. This system can include security cameras, motion sensors, sirens, and door sensors. When they’re triggered, you can get an alert or call your mobile device prompting you to call 911. People like this system because you receive real-time updates about your home. In addition, self-monitored systems are affordable and easy to install.

Company Monitored Security Systems

A company monitored security system is a security option that a company controls and operates. Professional organizations can install cameras, silent alarms, glass-break sensors, and motion detectors in your home. In case of a triggered alarm, the company will contact you. If you do not respond to their notification, they can alert police to investigate the triggered alarm. To elevate your security experience, you can inquire about private estate security or other personal options.

Wireless Alarm Systems

A wireless alarm system includes detectors, cameras, sensors, alarms, and the main control panel. They’re often easy to install, and you can move them to different locations inside your home. Wireless systems work in a three-fold process, as it detects, annunciates, and monitor. This means it can detect tampered parts of your home like a broken window or open door. Then, it alerts the homeowner of a possible break-in. Lastly, it notifies a monitoring company about a potential emergency.

Wired Alarm Systems

A wired alarm system connects to alarm panels at every entry point in your home. It then connects to the main control panel. This control panel can give real-time alerts about open entry points by alerting your mobile device. In addition, a wired alarm system can have a voice-automated alert inside your home. For example, when you open your front door, the system can say, “Front door open.”

As a homeowner, it’s essential to protect your space. Fortunately, home security systems can monitor activity in your home and notify you about triggered alarms. If you’re thinking about installing a system, we hope our list of the four types of home security systems to consider was helpful to you.