5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Warm This Winter

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5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Warm This Winter

It’s easy to think that animals don’t get cold during winter like people. After all, they have fur coats, and we don’t. However, your family dog can still get chilly, so it’s a good idea to find ways to give them some extra warmth. Check out these five ways to keep your dog warm this winter.

1. Doggie Jackets and Booties

A dog’s paws are quite sensitive, and ice, snow, and sidewalk salt can really hurt them during the winter. The harsh temperatures can cause paws to dry out and crack, while salt grains can act like splinters. We recommend a jacket and booties specially made for animals to protect your dog from the winter cold.

2. Heated Pet Bed

When your dog comes home from a walk or a busy day at doggie daycare, it feels good to flop onto a nice warm bed. You can add extra blankets to your pet’s bedding or upgrade to a luxurious heated pad for extra warmth. Pet beds are generally very low temperature, so there’s no risk of overheating.

3. Don’t Air-Dry After Baths

If you can’t avoid bathing your dog in the cold of winter, at least make sure to dry their fur afterward. Leaving a dog’s fur wet during winter can cause hypothermia in extreme cases, plus it doesn’t feel good for them. Give your pup a good towel dry or a blast with the hairdryer on a low setting.

4. Keep Fur Trimmed

Another thing to do to keep your dog warm this winter is to make sure they stay properly groomed. While you might think a longer coat will keep your pet warm, it will also drag in the snow and pick up ice. The same goes for the fluff between your dog’s toes. Keeping everything groomed actually helps your dog stay warm in the long run.

5. Warm Up Their Wet Food

Just like people enjoy a hot cup of cocoa on a cold day, dogs also enjoy a little warm treat. The safest way to warm up wet food is to use a double boiler so that the temperature increase is gradual and evenly dispersed. You can use the microwave, but be careful not to give your dog hot food. Test some on the back of your hand to judge the temperature more accurately.

Dogs may have built-in fur coats, but they still feel the cold. Use these ideas to help keep your pup cozy all winter long.