5 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Read More Often

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5 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Read More Often

Some of us love reading so much that we start another book as soon as we finish the first, while others of us struggle to find the fun in reading. However, enjoying stories helps us unwind, teaches us invaluable lessons, and is fun when you read the right books. If you struggle to get into reading, don’t worry! Use this guide to uncover the best ways to motivate yourself to read more often!

Pick the Right Books

The “right book” differs for everyone because it depends on what you like most. First, decide on a genre you like most, such as fantasy, non-fiction, dystopian, or romance. After picking a genre, evaluate your options for authors, as every writer has a different style; you won’t automatically enjoy two books just because they’re the same genre.

Read the first couple of pages of a book, then ask yourself if you want to know what happens next. If the answer is no or you’re indifferent, move on to a different book and continue until you find a story that pulls you in.

Make a Reading Space

Where you choose to read can make a world of difference in the experience. Enjoying a book in your living room as someone else watches television isn’t easy due to the distracting sounds. One of the best ways to make your reading space cozy is to select an area of the home that’s away from distractions. Likewise, your reading oasis should be a place where you can get comfy as you curl up with a good book, such as a home study or bedroom.

Start a Book Club

Another way to motivate yourself to read more often is by starting a book club so that you can hold yourself accountable for reading regularly. Talk with friends, family, or neighbors to create a small group. Once you have your club, allow each member to select the story you will all read. At weekly meetings, discuss the plot or how everyone felt about the latest chapter.

Create Reading Goals

Most of us are goal-oriented since having targets gives us something to aim for. While the overarching goal is to read more often, break this task down into smaller objectives. For instance, you can begin by deciding you’ll read 10 to 20 minutes daily for a week. You could maintain or increase your reading time at the end of the week, depending on what works best for you.

Don’t Make It Obligatory

Reading should never feel like an assignment or something you need to do. Some days, you may not want to curl up with your book, and you shouldn’t make yourself read on these days. Forcing a habit will only make it more bothersome. Reading should be a fun pastime, so take the time to develop a love for the activity.