6 Great Wines To Add to Your Easter Menu

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6 Great Wines To Add to Your Easter Menu
6 Great Wines To Add to Your Easter Menu

In the spring, many families gather together to enjoy Easter dinners of ham, potatoes, asparagus, and other delicious foods. Many wines pair well with this delectable meal, but we’ve compiled a shortlist for you to pick from. These are a few great wines to add to your Easter menu for guests to enjoy.


Riesling is a refreshingly crisp white wine that will pair beautifully with your Easter ham. It has incredibly affordable options, and it’s a wonderfully versatile wine. Plus, white wine offers some health benefits. Try adding an orange glaze to your ham to really bring out its bright, fruity notes.


Often described as the grownup version of moscato, gewürztraminer could arguably be the wine to drink if you have an Easter ham on your table. It’s a zesty wine that can stand up against sweet and salty meat combinations. Some other great qualities of this delicious wine are its playful, striking aromatics; lower acidity; and higher alcohol content. Give gewürztraminer a sip this Easter!


A telltale sign that the temperatures are warming is that the rosé starts flowing. Find a drier rosé to enjoy with your Easter dinner this year for a delightful pairing. Look for one from the Côtes de Provence AOC in France; this variety is known for its dry but delicious profile. The elegant apricot and peach flavors will dance on your guest’s taste buds as they sip between bites.

Pinot Grigio

If you’re planning on keeping your meal simple this Easter, splurge on a delicious pinot grigio. This white wine is delectable and perfectly dry, with a smooth finish. Look for a variety with a zesty bite from the citrus and apples followed by a honey and ginger finish.


Another great wine to add to your Easter menu is a zinfandel. If your family loves red wine, a zinfandel is among the best wines to pair with Easter dinner. Find a zinfandel with dark fruits flavors with a hint of bold spices. To bring out the best flavors of zinfandel, grill your ham.


If you’re searching for a full-bodied white wine to pair with your Easter ham with pineapple, look no further than a chardonnay—a California chardonnay, to be exact. You’ll taste layers of flavors ranging from pear to soft spices. Even red wine–lovers will love this wine choice.