Basic Gym Essentials Every First-Timer Needs

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Basic Gym Essentials Every First-Timer Needs
Basic Gym Essentials Every First-Timer Needs

Going to the gym for the first time can be intimidating! You walk in and see unfamiliar exercise machines, a crowd of other gym-goers doing their due diligence, and hear background music playing that should be for a night on the town.

It’s a new environment that can throw many people off, especially if they’re feeling unprepared. However, you can turn your gym experience around by preparing beforehand! Here are some basic gym essentials that every first-timer needs to make their session a great one.

Gym Clothes

Gym clothing can make or break your workout session. Get a gym bag and pack lightweight, breathable clothing like a cotton shirt and bottoms. These clothes are a fantastic way to avoid feeling weighed down.

Consider moisture-wick options if you plan on sweating a lot. This way, you’re not running to your gym bag for a change in the middle of your workout.


The right trainer shoes can take you a long way! Comfortable shoes can help maintain posture and your spine. Forgetting your sneakers at home will be out of the question if you pack them in your gym bag the night before. Remember to bring soft, moisture-wicking socks!

Sweat Towel

While your local fitness center can provide sweat towels, you might want to use a personal one to wipe the sweat from your face throughout your session. You can still use towels the gym provides if you’d like. However, you can and should use the gym-supplied cloths for wiping down the equipment after use.

Reusable Water Bottle

Refillable water bottles are a dream! You’ll have water at your disposal without having to wait to drink from the water fountain. Plus, you can carry it along as you visit different exercise machines.


Listening to music during your workout has a ton of benefits. It boosts morale, drowns out distractions, and can even keep you on tempo during a run on the treadmill. Remember to keep your headphones in your bag!

Shower Essentials

Since this is your first visit to the gym, you might still be gathering your surroundings and discovering your comfort level. You can always skip the post-workout cleansing and head home without judgment!

For those that decide to shower in the locker rooms, a hygiene kit will be your best friend for staying fresh after a hard day’s work.

Post-Workout Snack

Burning calories is no easy feat, and your body deserves nourishment. Having a post-workout snack after your workout—like a granola bar with fruit—can hold you over until you get dinner.

The first visit to a fitness center doesn’t always have to be a jumbled, confusing experience. By remembering these first-time basic gym essentials, you’re one step closer to tackling your workout.