Checklist To Maintain Your Home Each Season

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Checklist To Maintain Your Home Each Season
Checklist To Maintain Your Home Each Season

For every season, there is a new list of chores and things you need to do as you tend to your property. Completing these tasks keeps your home looking beautiful and helps maintain it so that things don’t break down earlier than expected. Everything from cleaning your gutters to tending to the landscape is vital to home care. Keep reading this checklist to maintain your home each season to uncover what you need to do throughout the year!

Winter Chores

Depending on where you live, you may question how much you can do in winter. Some areas receive a lot of snow, so there’s no need to tend to the landscaping. However, those cold temperatures and flurries could cause problems. Inspect your roof and gutters for signs of damage before the snow begins. Other tasks to do include:

  • Checking for foundation cracks.
  • Ensuring pipes aren’t leaking.
  • Winterizing exterior plumbing like pools and in-ground watering systems.

Similarly, you should use your time inside as a chance to tidy up. Clean out closets and old cabinets, vacuum under beds, and tidy up in the basement or crawlspace. These are all areas many homeowners overlook, but they still collect dust and clutter over the year.

Spring Chores

Once the snow melts, inspect your roof or hire a professional to ensure the winter weather didn’t cause any damage. While doing this, you should also check your gutters and downspouts for possible problems. Your gutters are a line of defense against the rainy spring days; they help drive water away from home and prevent flooding. Other spring chores include:

  • Cleaning your HVAC system.
  • Checking your smoke detector batteries.
  • Staining your wooden fences or decks.

You should also take time to clean your windows and power wash the house. You want it to look pristine. And, of course, begin fertilizing your lawn and deciding on what flowers or shrubbery you’ll plant as summer approaches. Avoid planting anything in early spring since there is still a risk of freezing temperatures or snow, which could kill the plant.

Summer Chores

Summer is the time to be outside as you enjoy the beautiful weather and warm sunshine. It’s also the time to trim trees and bushes. You can also:

  • Get your driveway repaired.
  • Check for mold in the bathroom and other damp areas.
  • Clean out dryer vents.

During summer, checking your garage door is important as key components like cables or springs wear out over time. Knowing when to replace garage door springs can increase the chances of your door lasting longer.

Fall Chores

Our checklist for maintaining your home each season ends with autumn tasks that help prepare your house for winter. You should clean your gutters to ensure there’s no debris in them, as this could lead to ice dams forming in the winter. Additionally, you should:

  • Rake leaves in your yard.
  • Store planters and lawn furniture.
  • Check the heating system and fireplace.

Doing these tasks will help prepare your home for a serene winter and ensure you feel nice and toasty inside. Keep your home ready for every season!