Common Mistakes To Avoid When Decorating Your Kid’s Room

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Decorating Your Kid’s Room
Common Mistakes To Avoid When Decorating Your Kid’s Room

When you’re a parent, you start to get excited about the small things like your child’s first school recital, art projects, or open houses. And decorating your child’s first room after they’ve outgrown their nursery can be just as exciting. 

Your child is growing up and wants to show off their interests and personality in their bedroom, and we know you want to do your best to give that to them. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of common mistakes to avoid when decorating your kid’s room.

Filling the Room to the Brim

You may already have in mind the furniture and decorative items you want to put in your child’s room. However, remember that this is a child’s room; they need space to run around, play, and utilize their creative skills. 

Leave space for playing by adding furniture like a mini chair and table for their arts and crafts. This is a wonderful way to encourage your child to use their imagination and creative skills. Your ultimate goal is to create a safe space for your child to relax in their little piece of the world.

Only Having One Light Source

Light is essential when decorating your child’s room. One of the biggest mistakes to avoid when decorating your child’s room is not having enough lighting. It would be best if you incorporated decorative lighting options with dimmers. If your child is afraid of the dark, add night lights with cool graphics that project on the ceiling!

Sticking to an Overly Specific Theme

Your child may be really into the color lime green, but please understand that this won’t be their favorite color forever. As children grow, so do their interests. Try to avoid sticking to a specific theme to prevent having to spend time and money making significant room changes when they grow out of a particular phase or stray away from their current interests. The key is to keep neutral wall tones and then add colorful accents using bedding, cushions, and posters.

Not Having Kid-Friendly Upholstery

As stated before, you must remember that you’re decorating a child’s room. Filling the room with expensive furniture and fabrics may not be the best idea. Instead, use kid-friendly upholstery such as dark leather, linens, and vinyl. You can make cleaning any messes or “art projects” easier by incorporating kid-friendly materials into your decorating plan.