Common Tennis Mistakes Players Should Avoid

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Common Tennis Mistakes Players Should Avoid
Common Tennis Mistakes Players Should Avoid

There’s definitely a learning curve with tennis, but it’s a fun learning curve to surpass. Each match is an opportunity to put your skills to the test, such as hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes. Even if you’re not trying to go pro, tennis matches can be a time for exercise, socializing, and some friendly competition. Keep reading to learn the common tennis mistakes players should avoid so that you can get the upper hand in your next match. 

Hitting Too Hard

Tennis is a very fast-paced, competitive sport, so it’s not rare for players to whack the ball with a powerful swing whenever it flies at them. To hone your skills effectively, take some time to really practice the speed and power of your swing. If you’re prioritizing power over technique, you’ll find yourself frequently launching the tennis ball out of bounds. By making an effort to practice your hitting techniques, you can swiftly find the best ways to deliver the right level of speed, power, and strategy with each swing. This training will take some time, but it’ll come in handy when combating the next mistake—predictability.

Being Too Predictable

If you’re facing an experienced tennis player, they’ll analyze your playstyle for weaknesses when you start winning the round. If you’re not switching up your playing techniques throughout the game, you’ll be very easy to analyze. Don’t worry; once you learn the different types of swing and serve techniques tennis players use, you’ll find that it’s fairly easy to throw a few curveballs each match, so to speak.

For instance, if you frequently use kick serves, which is a topspin serve, you can throw off your opponents by introducing a slice serve, which is a sidespin maneuver. Learning little tricks like this will help you grow your playstyle in a significant way. It’ll take some practice to learn all those little tricks, but it’s well worth the time and effort if you want to become a better player.

Not Prioritizing Footwork

Most of this list has addressed tennis swings and serves, but proper footwork is just as vital. When you’re reaching for an incoming serve, you don’t want to literally trip over yourself, but it can happen. During practices, try different techniques to sharpen your footwork speed and accuracy. There are many skills you’ll need if you want to be a great tennis player, and agility is one of them. When watching pro tennis players, you’ll see immense precision in their footwork. One of the most common ways newcomers flub their footwork is by keeping their stance too tight—prioritize an open stance that maximizes agility and stability.

There are various ways to improve your tennis skills, but it comes down to the individual player to train and hone those skills over time. Remember, there’s certainly nothing wrong with playing casually. That said, if you want to grow as a tennis player, understanding the common tennis mistakes players should avoid is invaluable.