Couple’s Guide on How To Host a Small and Intimate Wedding

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Couple’s Guide on How To Host a Small and Intimate Wedding

Weddings are among the most important celebrations in anyone’s life. It is the day when two people who love each other decide to spend their lives together. For some, a big and grand wedding is something they dream about, but others prefer a small event. With a shorter guest list, you can spend more time with each person to make it feel more special! In this post, we will cover tips on how to host a small and intimate wedding.

Plan the Details

Before delving into key tasks, you should iron out the details of your big day and create a plan. Talk with your partner about how much money you want to spend on the wedding and when you’ll get married.

Additionally, you two should discuss what you define as a small wedding. Generally, a traditional wedding has around 100 guests, and a small one has a limit of 50 guests. Keep in mind that all wedding party members count on the guest list. 

Choose the Right Venue

Your venue conveys the mood and atmosphere of your wedding. When looking for a location, make sure it fits the theme of your wedding and is the right size for your guest list. You should also ensure the venue’s decoration and ambiance match your vision. For example, some couples host a backyard wedding when the guest list is shorter since it feels cozier and more intimate. 

Pro Tip

There are many important things to know about planning backyard weddingsWhile the guest list may be smaller and the setting is cozy, you can still make it a formal event.

Splurge Where You Can

Another key tip for hosting a small weddingis splurging on areas other than guests. Larger guest lists often come with higher expenses for catering and seating since there are more people to accommodate. However, when you have fewer guests, you can use the money saved on food to get married somewhere extravagant! Or you could spend extra on incredible wedding apparel. 

Think About Personal Touches

Personal touches make weddings feel more special and unique. Consider incorporating individualized elements into your wedding that represent your relationship or personality. You can include family heirlooms, family photos, or personalized vows. Small and intimate weddings allow you to spend more time and effort adding personal touches.

Create the Perfect Guest List

Because small weddings have shorter guest lists, you’ll have to spend more time thinking about the exact people you want on your special day. Close relatives and friends should go on the A-list of guests. People you only talk to occasionally can go on the B-list; you’d send out those invites if several A-list guests can’t make it. Invite the people you love most to celebrate your love alongside you. 

Hosting a small and intimate wedding is an excellent choice if you aim for personalization, simplicity, and intimacy. Have fun planning your big day with this couple’s guide!