Essential Household Chores To Do During the Summer

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Essential Household Chores To Do During the Summer
Essential Household Chores To Do During the Summer

As you enjoy the outdoors this summer, keep your surroundings spick-and-span by keeping up with a few simple but essential tasks. When the space around you is clean, your mind will feel less cluttered too. Remember these essential household chores to do during the summer and enjoy a mess-free season!

Manage the Garden

Whether your garden is super tiny or bursting with flowers and herbs, maintain it every day. Water plants as necessary, and pull any weeds that crop up. If you have a lawn, mow and fertilize it regularly. If your rosebushes are growing with too much fervor, prune them back.

Maintain Vehicles

When was the last time you took your car in for a tune-up? Stay up to date on oil and filter changes, and if anything’s making a funny noise, have a professional check it out. Car troubles are double the pain during the winter! If you have other vehicles in your garage, like a motorcycle or golf cart, give them some love too. Maintain that golf cart with the same regularity as your full-size car so that it’s ready for action when you need it.

Wash the House

“Cleaning house” may conjure up images of vacuuming, dusting, and mopping the inside. But what of the exterior? Give your patio and driveway a good power wash. Keep your rain gutters clean. Wash your home’s siding where you see dirty spots—but be gentler on it than on the driveway. Blasting the siding with a heavy-duty power washer could do more harm than good.

Clean Sliding Tracks

When the weather is gorgeous, you and your family may be going in and out of doors with more regularity. Keep your sliding doors and windows functioning by cleaning those tracks! Wrap a cloth around a screwdriver or pencil to clean all the grime out of those nooks and crannies. Finish the job with a squirt or two of WD-40, and they’ll slide with ease all summer.

When you keep your living space tidy and easy to navigate, your whole summer brightens up. Before you bring guests over for cookouts and celebrations, make your home a welcoming place. Doing essential household chores during the summer will keep you on task as you prepare for those carefree days!