Financially Savvy Saluti! Tips for Saving Money on Alcohol

Financially Savvy Saluti! Tips for Saving Money on Alcohol
Financially Savvy Saluti! Tips for Saving Money on Alcohol

Whether at a bar or the grocery store, the cost of buying alcohol quickly adds up. Though enjoying a few leisurely drinks can get quite costly, you don’t need to go in the red. We know you don’t want to sacrifice your savings on the account of a fun night, and vice versa. That’s why we compiled these tips for saving money on alcohol. With the following advice, you’ll surely stay within budget but still have a good time.

Purchase Your Alcohol Wholesale

If you don’t have a membership for your local big box store, this is your sign to get one. Not only can you cut out steep alcohol expenses from buying wholesale, but you can also reduce your grocery costs significantly.

You’ll still find premium liquors at wholesale stores, just at a fraction of the price, which makes shopping at them one of the most viable tips for saving money on alcohol. In addition to buying wholesale, you will save more money buying in bulk. So, you can stock up for these upcoming summer months without worrying about paying an unfavorable price.

Up Your At-Home Repertoire

Equipping your kitchen with must-have home barware could be just the thing that saves you from pricey nights out. You can test and refine your mixology skills to later enjoy a cocktail that will cost you a fraction of what it would at the bar. Besides, you won’t have to stress over extra service fees when drinking from the comfort of your own couch.

Opt for Happy Hour

Should you enjoy after-work drinks with friends or coworkers, find a place that offers the most comprehensive deals. Some bars vary their specialty price nights and hours, making some weekdays or timeframes more budget friendly than others, so double check before making the trip.

Check the Restaurant’s Outside Alcohol Policies

Save yourself from the costly bottles of red or white wine at a restaurant by seeing if they have a Bring Your Own Bottle option. Most restaurants that allow you to bring outside alcohol require a corkage fee, so ask what it’ll cost if you plan to bring a bottle of wine or another spirit.

Even with a corkage fee, your bill is likely to come out to a more feasible total. Bringing your own bottle(s) can go a long way, especially for reservations of more than two or three people.