Fire It Up: The Best Ideas for Grilling in Winter

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Fire It Up: The Best Ideas for Grilling in Winter
Fire It Up: The Best Ideas for Grilling in Winter

Enjoy your grill all year long! Brave the cold, dust off the grill, and enjoy the warmth it provides as you cook some of these delicious dishes to perfection. Grilled steaks and vegetables will be a welcome surprise at holiday feasts! Check out some of the best ideas for grilling in winter and let them inspire you to get adventurous this season.

“Baked” Potatoes

Potatoes are a hearty staple food with a welcome place at any table, whether at a summer BBQ or a holiday dinner. Skip the traditional mashed potatoes this year! Pack a few whole raw potatoes with herb butter and wrap them in aluminum foil as if you’re going to bake them. Instead, pop them onto the grill for a unique potato experience.

Strip Steak

Winter is a great time to enjoy a pot roast or beef stew, but why not experiment with a different part of the cow? Strip steak cooks up quickly, so you’ll spend less time out in the cold. Plus, if you amp up the flavor with a Wagyu beef strip steak, it’ll cook even more quickly due to the extra fat content. Your guests will adore this mouthwatering dish at any wintry dinner.

Butternut Squash

One of the fall and winter’s most iconic foods, butternut squash achieves a new depth of flavor when grilled. Give it a little crispy texture by grilling it; the resulting flavor won’t be overly sweet. To top it off, spoon a garlic-packed vinaigrette over the top and serve for either a fancy dinner or a simple family meal.

Spicy Burgers

Warm up your palate this winter by adding extra spice to your meals. Mix up your own burger blend with your favorite meats and spices; cayenne pepper and ground mustard are tried-and-true favorites. Or you can pick up some chorizo or another spicy sausage and convert that ground meat into patties! Spicy burger bites are a great way to jazz up a wintry meal.

You don’t have to say goodbye to your grill for the season! Keep experimenting with ingredients and flavors all through the winter, and bring some of that flavor to holiday dinners and Saturday lunches alike. These are a few of the best grilling ideas for winter, but as you plan your holiday menus, get creative with your dishes. Why not toss a few on the grill?