First-Time Tattoo: Preparing for the Appointment

First-Time Tattoo: Preparing for the Appointment
First-Time Tattoo: Preparing for the Appointment

It’s a big deal when you decide to get a tattoo. There’s the fun of choosing which tattoo style you want, the artist, and the design. It’s truly an exciting time. After you book the appointment, there are first-time tattoo tips that will help you prepare for the session. Continue reading to prepare yourself for your first tattoo.

Moisturizing Beforehand Is Important

Moisturizing your skin in the weeks leading up to the appointment is important. The ink will apply easier to your skin if you keep it hydrated and healthy. This healthy skin tip means a faster session and less pain for you.

However, avoid applying lotion to the tattoo location on the day of the appointment. The moisturizer could interfere with the tattoo stencil, ink, and needle.

Drink Lots of Water

Hydration is key to an incredible tattoo appointment. Drinking lots of water in the couple of days leading up to the tattoo is also beneficial. It improves your skin’s quality and ensures the tattoo process is easier on the artist. Skin appreciates hydration.

Aim to drink around 64 fluid ounces of water 24 hours before the appointment. Take a water bottle into the tattoo appointment to stay hydrated. Also, continue drinking water after the session. This can even aid in your aftercare process.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Exhausted isn’t something you want to be during your tattoo appointment. Your tattoo artist needs you awake, alert, and in tune with your body. Experts recommend going to bed earlier than normal. You want your body prepped and ready. You’ll most likely feel anxious, and you can relax easier when your mind is sharp.

Eat a Good Meal

You don’t want to show up to your appointment with an empty stomach, especially if you get a large tattoo. You don’t want to sit through a long session listening to your stomach growl and thinking about how hungry you are. A nutrient-dense breakfast or lunch will help your body endure the pain and heal itself.

Feeling anxious and having difficulty eating is normal, but it’s important to eat something. Try to eat your favorite meal. Think of things like pizza, a breakfast sandwich, a sub sandwich, and pancakes. You want to keep your blood sugar up and avoid fainting.

These tattoo preparation tips will ensure a successful first tattoo. Ensure you’re wearing tattoo-friendly clothing. Wearing jeans isn’t the best idea for getting a calf tattoo because jeans are challenging to roll up and expose the calf. This is one of the most important tips.