Genius Ways To Make Your Garage an Amazing Space

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Genius Ways To Make Your Garage an Amazing Space
Genius Ways To Make Your Garage an Amazing Space

Garages can be the bane of a homeowner’s existence. They seem to be a catch-all space where items are dumped and outdoor furniture and tools are stored. Are you looking for ways to make your garage a nice area you’re not embarrassed for others to see? There are plenty of genius ways to make your garage an amazing space. Learn about some of them here!

Use Vertical Storage

Using vertical space is the best way to store things in your garage. Add hooks and shelves to store items you and your family seldom use. They’ll be out of the way until you need them, and you can reserve the eye-level shelves for things that you use more often.

Paint the Floor

The dull concrete garage floor isn’t doing anything to raise the resale value or make the garage more appealing. Paint can transform your garage into a polished area that you’ll be proud to show off.

Install Cabinets

Installing cabinetry in your garage can help keep the clutter off the floor and out of sight. It can help ease the stress you used to feel every time you’d look inside.

Use Moisture-Blocking Paint

Garages tend to house more moisture than the rest of your home. This issue creates a recipe for mildew and mold that will ruin your stored items. Apply moisture-blocking paint to damp walls and masonry to create a dry space you’ll use and enjoy.

Reorganize Every Couple Months

Instead of only cleaning your garage once every few years, make a habit of cleaning it with the changing of the seasons. Sweep, hose down, and reorganize your garage to keep it looking tidy. Properly dispose of the things you don’t use or need to hold onto anymore.

Add Insulation

There are many benefits to adding insulation to your garage. It’s easy for heat to slip out of the largest door in your home, so protect your house against heat loss by adding insulation. You can add some in-between the studs to make your garage space usable year-round.

Following these genius ways to make your garage an amazing space will give turn it into more than a dumping ground for your outdoor tools and storage boxes. You’ll create a garage you’re proud of, and you can even use it for family gatherings if you want to.