Great Methods for Entertaining Wedding Guests

Great Methods for Entertaining Wedding Guests
Great Methods for Entertaining Wedding Guests

Although large gatherings still aren’t advisable for many at the moment, the future is looking bright. Understandably, this might prompt many to begin replanning their weddings after having to put them on hold during the pandemic.

If you’re thinking to yourself that being in the presence of the happy couple on a special evening is enough to engage guests, I’m so sorry to say that that’s not the case. Don’t worry; you won’t have to hire Bon Jovi to keep everyone from leaving—though that would help. The list below will catch you up on some great methods for entertaining wedding guests.

Hire Food Trucks

You might not think of food as entertainment, but in this case, it can be. Instead of going the conventional catering route, consider partnering with some local food trucks. Hiring food trucks is the perfect method for breaking away from traditional wedding festivities in a fun way. Reaching out to a few local vendors gives you the chance to offer a diverse, unique array of dining options on your big day. If you want folks to have a delightfully memorable evening, teaming with some quality food trucks is a great way to do it.

Bring Giant Lawn Games

Outdoor venues can benefit greatly from the help of some oversized lawn games—though they’re fun indoors, too, if you have the room. You can easily find a giant Jenga or Connect Four set on Amazon, either of which makes the perfect place for both kids and adults to gather for a fun time. These games might cost more than their smaller counterparts, but they’re still more affordable than Bon Jovi. Largescale lawn games also give guests another great photo op, which is always a plus at weddings. When it comes to great methods for entertaining wedding guests, lawn games are one of the easiest and most effective options.

Install a Photo Booth

An essential part of any great wedding is a photo booth. Learning how to create a great photo booth is easy and worthwhile. Not only does a nice photo booth give your guests something fun to do, but it also gives them a way of creating memories. Though that might sound a bit cheesy, it’s not untrue. Something as simple as some stylish fabric and goofy props can create long-lasting memories. Taking photos with loved ones during special events is invaluable. After the wedding, photos give everyone in attendance a chance to preserve and reflect on an exciting, joyous evening with a simple glance.