Homeowners Guide on How To Prepare for a Home Renovation

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Homeowners Guide on How To Prepare for a Home Renovation
Homeowners Guide on How To Prepare for a Home Renovation

Sometimes, home renovations feel a bit overwhelming, especially when you’re doing several projects at once. By noting how to prepare for a home renovation, you can focus on beautifying your house! Keep your paperwork in order, have a plan, and declutter the house.

Organize Necessary Papers

Depending on the size of the project, you may have various permits, contracts, and receipts. Since things will be a mess during the renovation process, it’s best to either keep a digital copy of important documents or store them in a folder. While this may sound obvious, it’s a common mistake for many.

Devise a Plan

Another aspect of how to prepare for a home renovation is to know the result you have envisioned. As you go through the process, don’t be afraid of voicing your opinion to contractors—they want you to love the result. 

If you’re doing several projects, ensure you settle on a logical order for each of them. For an exterior project, you may need to decide whether it’s best to replace your windows or siding first. By settling on a logical order for the renovations, you prevent possible mishaps and help the process move faster.


Life may become inconvenient for a little while, especially if you’re redoing essential rooms like the kitchen or bathroom, so mentally prepare yourself for major changes. Rather than wait until you’re renovating, plan ways to handle the changes. For example, you may want to devise a meal plan or find new temporary living arrangements.


Go through your home and donate what you no longer need or want well before the contractor begins working. You may have to store some belongings in the basement or spare bedroom. However, if this is a large-scale project, you may want to rent a storage unit.

Also, remove or cover the furniture in surrounding areas to prevent it from getting dirty while the contractors work. You may have to move some belongings into storage to keep the site clear of furniture. The house will grow messy as you remove drywall and other fixtures.

Prepare the Whole Family

Renovations affect everyone, whether it’s to your home’s exterior or a single room. Pets and young children may not understand or like all the loud sounds. Because of this, you should always supervise both children and animals throughout the process to keep them safe.

And if things start to feel overwhelming, go on a long walk, or enjoy a family dinner at everyone’s favorite restaurant. Sometimes, getting away from the mess of a renovation is just what everyone needs to feel excited about the wonderful changes.