How To Properly Clean Your Cable Railing

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How To Properly Clean Your Cable Railing
How To Properly Clean Your Cable Railing

Cable railing is a great element for modernizing a staircase, but do you know how to clean it properly? This material can become dirty regardless of its location. Use our guide to ensure your cable railing remains pristine with suitable products and techniques to clean it.

Use Appropriate Cleaning Products

When cleaning your cable railing, you must never use harsh or abrasive chemicals; they could cause irreversible damage. A great way to find the correct cleaning products is to treat your cable railing like you would treat your car. A high-quality car wash soap is perfect because it’s mild and removes dirt, oil, and other contaminants without ruining the material.

Regular Wipe Downs

Typically, cable railings need a wipe-down once every other week or once a month to enhance the material’s sheen. You do not need soap for this. Instead, use a damp cloth and gently wipe each cable to remove contaminants, such as salt, that could cause corrosion or rust. If you don’t have the time to pay attention to each individual cable, consider a light-duty pressure washer to spray the railing. To note, this process should never take you longer than ten minutes.

How To Deep Clean

Deep cleaning is essential every once in a while to prevent discoloration on the cable and keep its shine. Typically, you should do it quarterly; it also provides an opportunity to inspect and fix your cable railing if it comes loose. Deep cleaning cables is similar to a quick wipe down, except you incorporate the car wash soap.

Pro-tip: Use a spray bottle to make a soap mixture that is easy to apply to the railings.

If you need to properly clean your cable railing because there is paint on the material, there is a special method to try. Paint thinner is considered an abrasive material, but in this case, it’s the only substance that can remove stuck-on paint. Apply a small amount of this product to the railing—once the paint is gone, immediately follow up with the entire washing process to completely remove the thinner from the cables.

All in all, cleaning cable railings is simple. Again, it should not take you longer than ten minutes if you’re doing a wipe-down and no longer than thirty minutes if you’re deep cleaning. Remember to make a routine of this process to keep your cables looking new and shiny!