Important Tips for Keeping Your Garden Healthy

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Important Tips for Keeping Your Garden Healthy
Important Tips for Keeping Your Garden Healthy

Learning how to maintain a substantial garden can come with a lot of trial and error. With most people in the US only getting food from grocery stores, it can seem like growing your own food is an uphill battle and a waste of time. Mistakes are typical, but you can prevent headaches by considering these important tips for keeping your garden healthy.

Do Not Overwater

Many people overwater their plants rather than underwater. Surprisingly, most plants do a little better with the opposite. They can handle too little rather than too much water. The best Italian herbs that are drought-tolerant are rosemary, savory, thyme, sage, cumin, and oregano.

The soil should dry out a little in between watering sessions. Too much water can be bad for plants because it encourages fungal growth. It also makes it harder for the soil to stay adequately aerated when it is always saturated.

Put Companion Plants Near Each Other

Companion planting is your garden’s best friend. With this practice, specific plants are grown immediately next to each other because they have symbiotic characteristics, like pest management and opposite nutrient requirements. Essentially, they help each other grow more productively.

Oregano is almost everyone’s companion in the garden. Many other herbs do well planted near each other. Just keep an eye on mint because it can easily take over an entire garden bed. Tomatoes thrive with a bit of basil growing underneath them.

Use Mulch

Another important tip for keeping your garden healthy is getting some mulch and spreading it across the soil. It can help beautify the garden, prevent the ground from drying out, and make it harder for diseases and weeds to spread.

Mulch can come in many mediums, such as straw. Make sure that you find an undyed type of mulch if you use it to grow food. There are also inorganic styles, such as lava rock.

By following these easy tips, you’ll upgrade your garden to generate exceptional yields. Fresh herbs and vegetables will bring your Italian meals to the next level. Guests will love coming over for dinners and get-togethers!