Interesting Outdoor Hobbies To Try in 2023

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Interesting Outdoor Hobbies To Try in 2023
Interesting Outdoor Hobbies To Try in 2023

Make a resolution to get outside more often in the new year! As 2023 approaches, peruse this list of interesting outdoor hobbies you may not have tried before. You could find yourself with a new favorite pastime that keeps your mind active as you get plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

Rock Climbing

Get an invigorating workout without feeling like you’re working out. Rock climbing combines strength-building, puzzle-solving, and mental acuity for a hobby that challenges your mind and body equally. Mental and physical workouts will benefit your health in the long run.

Nature Identification

Every time you go on a nature walk, you’re surrounded by a wide variety of native plant and animal species. Do you know their names?

Get to know the flora and fauna in your area by going on walks, equipped with a nature ID app on your phone. Learn what poisonous plants look like, get more familiar with the critters near you, and gain a greater appreciation for your local wildlife.

Metal Detecting

Even if you don’t have a big, sandy beach in your area, there are plenty of places to search for coins and jewelry with a metal detector. From fairgrounds to churchyards, there’s a plethora of spots where people drop loose change and other metal goods. You could become a modern-day treasure hunter.


Put on a pair of rollerblades and give your core a workout as you learn and practice a variety of twists, jumps, and other inline tricks. Rollerblading is an easy and affordable hobby to start in the coming year.

Not ready to practice outside just yet? Practice your skills indoors at a local rink, then hit the skate park when the weather warms up. Soon, you’ll have an invigorating new mode of transportation that may even inspire your friends to join you.


Learn to identify constellations in the night sky by spending clear, dark evenings gazing upward. You don’t need a fancy telescope or an astronomy degree to appreciate the beautiful stars above. Just take a blanket for comfort on the next clear, pitch-black night.

If you had a hard time getting enough fresh air and outdoor time in 2022, make 2023 better by trying these interesting outdoor hobbies. Getting outside and into nature more often will help you make the coming year the best it can be.