Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your New Kitchen

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Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your New Kitchen

Congratulations! You’re redesigning your kitchen into your dream space. Before you finalize blueprints, pick materials, and start gutting your room, you should double-check to see if you’re creating a beautiful but functional area. While filling your space with the latest gadgets and interior designs is great, it’s essential that your kitchen works.

Here are four mistakes to avoid when designing your new kitchen.

Not Considering the Workflow

The kitchen is the heart of your home, and you use it multiple times daily. It’s a place to cook food but also a space to do homework, converse, create memories, and more. With that in mind, it’s important to make your layout with the home’s workflow in mind. This means putting appliances, design features, and tools in places that are easy to access without being in your way. If not, you could find yourself running into others, which makes using your kitchen difficult.

Not Placing Lighting Properly

Another mistake you want to avoid when designing your new kitchen is neglecting to design your lighting placement. We’ve learned that lighting can make or break the environment. Any residential interior design benefits greatly from ideal lighting placement. Natural lighting can also spruce up your place, giving it warmth and energy. We recommend putting lights in food prepping areas to help you get a better view of what you’re doing.

Hopping on Trendy Interior Designs

Scrolling on TikTok, Pinterest, and online interior design magazines can send you down a rabbit hole on trendy kitchen designs. You want to aim for timeless design elements to prevent your space from becoming outdated. We suggest avoiding concrete countertops, double-island features, and mixed finishes. Also, if you have a breakfast nook, consider your material and design choices to avoid aging your area or making it look out of place.

Overusing Your Vertical Wall Space

Sometimes we only design laterally instead of thinking up. Your vertical wall space can be a great place to show off your décor, artwork, and other memorabilia. Utilizing your space wisely matters when designing your kitchen’s layout and style elements, but it’s important to remember balance—especially in smaller kitchens. While open shelving is a classic way to preserve cabinet space, you want to minimize how much wall space you use to prevent overcrowding.