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Professional Headshots

Are you looking for the best professional headshots for your profile, About us section page, Linkedin profile, and websites if yes then we are here to capture your professional headshots? Professional headshots build trust with clients, prospectus, and partners. Most importantly, when you are trying to get a job then your professional headshot helps you to stand out from the crowd. We captured the professional headshot for over 12 years. Sometimes, your client and partners judge you based on your professional headshots, so make sure you have the best professional headshots. 

Event Photography

Slava Blazer is the best real estate photographer in Los Angeles. We have been capturing the event photos for over 12 years. We have done work with many event planners, event marketers, and many others. Events are the most memorable in our life because we are going to make memories of a particular event. So, in the event you must hire professional event photographers like Slava Blazer. He is very friendly, professional, and always ready to capture your best images. 

Custom Stock

Nowadays custom stock photography plays an important role in the culture pages of your website. Our professional tooks shots of your staff working on their computers, speaking to the client, and Playing. Many companies like Google, LinkedIn, NBC Bay Area, Salesforce, Adobe, AT&T, Microsoft, and Ferrari hire us to capture professional photos of their teams meeting in a conference room, and eating lunch to showcase the culture of their company. 

Senior Portraits

After Graduation and high school, everyone wants to have personal senior portraits. Senior Portraits makes your convocation day memorable. We specialize in capturing the senior portraits for over 12 years. Our Friendly photographer guides you on how to make a good pose for an amazing photograph. Our senior portraits are stylish, unique, and modern. 

Family & Kids

Family photographs play a very important role in our life. You must have photographs with your family and your loved ones. Children grow quickly and sometimes you forget to capture the beautiful moments of your children because of your busy schedule. We specialize in capturing the family photographs in a relaxed and fun environment. We have done work with more than one thousand clients in the last ten years.  


Every woman wants Maternity Photography with the main goal of making their pregnant moments memorable. We are very lucky if we get a chance to capture precious moments at the beginning of your motherhood. We have done Maternity photoshoots with many couples. We are based in Las Vegas.