Selling Homes: Must-Know Tips for First-Timers

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Selling Homes: Must-Know Tips for First-Timers
Selling Homes: Must-Know Tips for First-Timers

Although it’s no surprise selling a home is stressful, first-timers don’t always expect how difficult it can be. Some of that difficulty comes from newcomers making simple mistakes because they have no experience selling homes. Must-know tips for first-timers, such as those you’ll find below, can help you make this process more gratifying than stressful.

Research Your Real Estate Agent

Never hire a real estate agent without researching their previous work, and always ask for referrals. A good real estate agent can support you through many essential components of a home sale with their years of experience in problem-solving and bridge-building. Plus, good real estate agents use their bridge-building to create a list of go-to appraisers, stagers, inspectors, and other service providers.

Don’t forget to ask about the agent’s certifications and licenses to ensure you’re working with a legitimate professional instead of someone claiming to be one. You want an agent who will assist you through the home-selling process with minimal stress. If you think selling a home is something you can do perfectly on your own for the first time, think again before you make costly, frustrating mistakes.

Stage the Entire Property

Staging is essential when it comes to selling homes. Must-know tips for first-timers should always include a mention of staging because, at first, it might sound unnecessary or easy to do on your own. The truth is that staging a home is a process best to leave to the professionals.

Homes staging involves decluttering, depersonalizing, and redesigning your home to ensure it appeals to potential buyers perusing the market. In doing so, you create a stylish home that acts as a great starting point for buyers to build their own vision upon. In other words, staging removes your personality from the home so that buyers can add theirs during a walk-through.

If you still don’t see the value in this step, take some time to read exactly why staging helps homes sell fasterthan other properties on the market. This process is a surefire way of moving homes off the market at a good pace and price, which is why many real estate agents will have a reliable staging service in their network.

Prioritize Your Listing Photos

Assuming you can take photos for your home listing with your cell phone is understandable. That said, you’re better off hiring a professional photographer for the job. Like staging, professional photography might sound unnecessary to first-time home sellers, but your listing photos play a crucial role in attracting buyers. Even if you stage that home to the best of your abilities, bad photos can make the property look unappealing.

By taking high-quality photos after completing any additional repairs and upgrades you’re making to the home, you can stand out stronger than lower-quality listings on the market. Before seeking one yourself, ask your real estate agent about any professional photographers they might be able to connect you with.