7 Things You Shouldn’t Flush Down the Toilet

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7 Things You Shouldn’t Flush Down the Toilet
7 Things You Shouldn’t Flush Down the Toilet

People flush plenty of things down the toilet even though they could clog the drain. Sewer line repair is expensive, especially if one bursts outside your home since you’ll need to hire an excavation company to replace it. Check out these seven things you shouldn’t flush down the toilet to keep damages—and therefore repairs—to a minimum.


Although some companies claim their wipes are safe to flush down the toilet, this isn’t the case. Keep in mind that this no flushing rule pertains to everything from baby wipes to cosmetic wipes to flushable wipes. The problem is that they don’t break down easily, so they could get stuck in the drain, leading to a clog.

Cotton Products

Whether it’s a Q-Tip or a cotton ball, flushing cotton products down the drain could mean an overflowing toilet or blocks within your sewage system. Unlike toilet paper, cotton products don’t break down in the water, so flushing them leads to problems.

Paper Products

While toilet paper is safe to flush in limited amounts (too much causes clogs), other products like tissue and paper towels don’t belong in your drains. They don’t disintegrate. Protect your pipes by throwing paper products in a lined wastepaper basket that’s only for the bathroom.

Feminine Hygiene Products

Despite what some companies may claim, feminine hygiene products are among the many things you shouldn’t flush down the toilet. Flushing these can easily clog your pipes since they absorb fluid. Plumbing experts agree it’s best to wrap feminine products in tissue or toilet paper and toss them in the trash.

Oil and Fat

Never flush fats, oils, or grease down the toilet (or any of your drains for that matter.) These substances don’t break down; if flushed, they’ll coat your pipes. Even though some are liquids, they’re not meant to be flushed. To protect your plumbing system, simply throw these things in the trash.


Don’t throw clumps of hair into the toilet assuming it’ll be an easy way to clean up. Hair will easily clog your drains. It twists and tangles together, getting caught and snagged on the pipes. When the clumps get big enough, they form blockages.

Dental Floss

Like hair, dental floss can lead to a clog as it catches other things that wash down the drain. This could lead to an overflow and could also impact the entire septic system. Skip the hassle by only flushing what’s safe!