The Best Motorcycle Trips To Take This Spring

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The Best Motorcycle Trips To Take This Spring
The Best Motorcycle Trips To Take This Spring

After a long winter, it’s time to break free of the house and go on a thrilling trip. Whether you go alone, with your partner, or with a whole group, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and intriguing sights. Even though many people are hesitant to take a long-distance trip on a motorcycle, it can be the experience of a lifetime. If you’re looking for something new and exciting to do this year, explore the best motorcycle trips to take this spring.

Black Hills: South Dakota

South Dakota is one of the best and most popular states for bikers to travel through, and the Black Hills are a particularly excellent section for a motorcycle trip. Although this route may not have spectacular ocean views like others, it does offer incredible mountain terrain and gorgeous rustic scenery. Mount Rushmore is a popular must-see site along this route, and you won’t regret using this historical wonder as a stopping point.

Pro Tip

South Dakota is still a northern state—visit toward the end of April or the beginning of May to avoid the potential for cold weather.

U.S. Route One: Georgia and Florida

U.S. Route One is a long stretch of road from Georgia to Key West, Florida. If you’re looking for a nice ocean breeze, this may be the perfect trip for you. Surrounded by lagoons, palm trees, and salty air, this easy-going highway takes you to one of the best vacation spots around. This ride is perfect for spring, as it’ll be warm enough for your comfort, but you’ll avoid that inevitable summer heat.

Camp Roberts: Indiana

You might think there’s nothing special about Indiana, but the incredible Camp Roberts route tells a different story. If you enjoy stunning rural scenery, this trip is for you. This route will take you through some of the greatest state parks: Brown County State Park and Yellowwood State Forest in Nashville, IN. Even though Indiana may not be on your list of places to visit, consider this route when deciding when and how to plan your upcoming trip.

Blue Ridge Parkway: North Carolina and Virginia

Blue Ridge Parkway is a relatively relaxing ride for many bikers, but it’s a perfect opportunity to enjoy the sounds, sites, and smells of spring as this Great Smoky Mountain route emerges from the brumal snow. This gorgeous mountain ride from North Carolina to Virginia is just shy of 500 miles, making it a great trip for various riders.

Pro Tip

This area is prone to unpredictable spring weather—be ready for bursts of cold weather, spring rain, and sunny days.

Now that you know the best motorcycle trips to take this spring, you can take an unforgettable road trip you’ll cherish forever. With a few helpful tips to prepare your motorcycle for spring, you’ll be on the right path to planning the ride of a lifetime. Traveling by car is one thing, but only a few get to experience the wonders of the United States on two wheels—take off somewhere on your motorcycle. These routes will take you on exceptional adventures.