The Latest Kitchen Design Trends You Should Follow

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The Latest Kitchen Design Trends You Should Follow
The Latest Kitchen Design Trends You Should Follow

The kitchen has slowly morphed into the epicenter of the home, where family and friends gather for good food, so you want your kitchen to look its best. Whether you’re on for a big renovation or simply looking for some kitchen setup inspiration, we will help you create the ideal cooking space that is so much more than the standard white space of old. In this article, we have put together the latest kitchen design trends you should follow to spice up your space and bring life back to your kitchen.

Transformable Kitchen Pieces

You can increase countertop space with transformable pieces for a style-forward and highly functional kitchen. Try a table extension that can be stowed away neatly when you don’t need it anymore, or an island on wheels that can go where you need it most. These space-saving solutions cleverly double up as an extra prep space when you’re doing lots of cooking, or as an additional dining space when you’re entertaining large crowds.

Kitchen Lighting Plan

A well-planned lighting scheme can deliver the right brightness level to highlight architectural features and create the overall mood for the space. You can mix and match statement pendants for a dramatic focal point and build a sense of symmetry for high ceilings. Another trendy kitchen design that has proved to be popular among new homeowners is replacing the base of the wall cabinets with motion control lighting. These give off a modern edge that injects more character into your space than plain lighting.

Smart Storage Spaces

One practical way is to replace old kitchen cabinets with customizable kitchen storage fittings that blend seamlessly into your kitchen. There are tons of storage fittings that you can customize to match your kitchen doors’ height, width, and capacity. Not only does it prevent visual clutter, but it also helps in keeping your pantry organized if you have a small kitchen. For a good storage system, it is also advisable to use bottom drawers for daily used items, countertop cabinets for occasionally used items, and top storage cabinets for rarely used items.

Marble Worktops

The latest kitchen design trends you should follow won’t be complete without the sleek and elegant marble worktops. Among the marble options, classic white marble is a prime choice for modern kitchen spaces due to its design versatility that you won’t get from any other type of natural stone. The addition of marble worktops also helps bounce the light around the room and gives a cohesive look throughout the kitchen.