The Most Common Jewelry Faux Pas To Avoid

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The Most Common Jewelry Faux Pas To Avoid
The Most Common Jewelry Faux Pas To Avoid

Jewelry is the finishing touch to an ensemble that can add the right amount of finesse. However, it can be easy to get carried away and turn a dazzling accent into an overly shining eyesore. Here are the most common jewelry faux pas to avoid when you’re getting ready for a special event or a casual day on the town.

Disregarding the Neckline

The right neckpiece can enhance a look and highlight the unique features of your face. Always consider the necklace of your top or shirt to gauge what pieces would go best with your ensemble.

Wearing Unpolished Jewelry

Unpolished jewelry pieces look dull and tarnished. Polishing your precious pieces and having them professionally cleaned now and then can elevate their brilliance, so they’re constantly shining.

Wearing Too Much at Once

Too much of anything can overwhelm the senses, and jewelry is no stranger to the concept. The primary key to accessorizing is knowing how to balance your pieces to flatter your outfit.

If women wear dangling earrings and a statement necklace, it can bring unnecessary attention to their neckline and make it appear cluttered. To avoid this common mistake, consider leaving a piece out to balance out your look.

On the other hand, men can wear a brilliant chain with an equally impressive ring to accentuate outfits.

Having Jewelry That’s Too Tight

Ill-fitting jewelry can be uncomfortable and unpleasant to the eye. Testing the wear and look of your jewelry is the best route to ensure they don’t need resizing.

Buying What Everyone Else Has

Following the crowd is not something you want to do when it comes to jewelry. Your accessories are about expression and personality; if you’re purchasing what others are buying, you could miss out on a piece that suits your skin tone and aesthetic.

The most common jewelry faux pas to avoid are the choices that make you second-guess your outfit. If you feel as if you have too many adornments clashing with your ensemble, the chances are that you could do without a few of them. It’s better to go with a classy, understated look than to gain attention for the wrong reasons.