Things To Know Before Creating a Media Room

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Things To Know Before Creating a Media Room
Things To Know Before Creating a Media Room

Many newer homes come with flex rooms, which is excellent because many Americans aren’t looking for formal living and dining rooms anymore. One idea is to transform this room into a media room for the whole family to enjoy. These are the things to know before creating a media room.

Shape Matters

There’s a reason why dedicated media and movie rooms are rectangular-shaped. This shape allows for tight acoustic control to create a fully immersive experience for everyone.

Lighting Matters

A crucial point to remember is this particular room must be darker than every other room in the house. You need controllable lighting levels, and a great way to incorporate this is with adjustable lighting. You can brighten up the room when you want to enjoy the big game or regular viewing, allowing for a more enjoyable experience.

Consider Your Surroundings

It’s necessary to remember the noisy and distracting equipment when you’re creating a media room. Special consideration, such as noise-canceling spray foam insulation, is essential to suppress the noise throughout the rest of the home.

Don’t forget about the devices you’re considering leaving in the room. A mini refrigerator, a popcorn machine, or other small machines can distract from the movie. Think about placing them in an adjacent room to create a pleasurable viewing experience.

Maybe Multiple Screens

If you’re hoping your media room will be the gathering place for all the big games, consider adding a few screens to enjoy more than one game at a time. Since sports don’t necessarily need sound, it won’t be distracting. Or one family member can be gaming while another enjoys a television show they need to catch up on. You’ll be “together,” but vibing to your favorite past times.

Invest in Surround Sound

Another thing to know before creating a media room is don’t overlook the audio system. Since you’re already investing in a great quality projector or television, allowing the sound to fall to the wayside would be a crime. There are several options available on the market, so take time to read reviews and understand what you want from your sound system. They’ll range from installing speakers into your drywall to products that sit on shelves.