Things You Can Do at Home To Improve Your Mood

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Things You Can Do at Home To Improve Your Mood
Things You Can Do at Home To Improve Your Mood

The weather is getting colder than a cup of frozen gelato. For some, that means getting outside—hitting the ski-slopes, taking the kids sledding, or just watching the snow fall. For others, it means hunkering down and hibernating.

Unfortunately, this time of year means the winter doldrums and seasonal affective disorder (SAD) for many. And if you fall on the “hunkering down” side of the spectrum, it can make the cold-weather slums even tougher to get out of. One way to help bring the smile back to your face this winter is to find things you can do at home to improve your mood.

Add a Little Color to Your Surroundings

Color impacts us mentally and emotionally. It’s why we are far more likely to remember something when it’s written in color than in black and white. If the monochromatic, snow-covered world outside isn’t doing much for your mood, try bringing a little color inside.

There are dozens of ways to add color to your interior. For example:

  • Repaint your walls
  • Add new window trimmings
  • Put new covers on the couches
  • Bring in plants or flowers
  • Hang some new artwork

Remember that adding color doesn’t have to look like you turned your home into a kaleidoscopic circus. Incorporating some accent colors is often enough to liven up a space.

Bring In Music

Scientific studies tell us that music has a profound effect on our mood. Of course, given we come from the country of the world’s most beautiful singers with heart-tugging voices, like Andrea Bocelli, we already knew that.

Still, we often forget that music is a powerful way we can improve our moods at home. Here are a few ways to add a little music to your day:

  • Invest in a music streaming service, like Spotify or Pandora
  • Explore different styles of music
  • Take up playing an instrument
  • Do a family sing-along
  • Play music while you’re doing chores or working


Some people have trouble listening to music while working because the words distract them. If you get distracted but want the joy of a un po’ di musica in your day, you can always play instrumental music.

Reminisce About Days Gone By

One of the toughest parts about winter, and SAD, is the feeling that it will never end. A good way to break that cycle and boost your mood is to reminisce about your past. This can look like remembering good times in your life or other hard times that you made it through.

The purpose of this isn’t to compare your current situation to the rosy-tinted world of yesteryear but to give you hope for the future. If there were times you were happy before, chances are you’ll be happy again. And if you made it through other winters, that means you can make it through this one too.