Three Reasons to Study Philosophy

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By Phil Fischer

Do you wish to pursue a career in philosophy? Are you unsure of why you should consider it a career of choice? Are you concerned about your job prospects and employability after the course? Other than for professional skills, there are a myriad of reasons why you should study philosophy in school. Philosophy is an academic field of study that empowers students with knowledge regarding reality and existence. As a theory, philosophy underpins behavior by imparting information regarding the fundamental nature of knowledge onto students.

As a philosophy student, you will be frequently prompted to explore new knowledge by critically thinking about the nature of the universe, the nature of the society, and the nature of the relationship between the two. The general and abstract nature of philosophy promotes critical thinking, while challenging what we already know about life and humans. There are many reasons as to why you should study philosophy, but we will highlight the three most essential ones:

The Intrigue

Are you a curious mind? Then philosophy is your ideal discipline of study, as the topics of the subjects will provoke your mind beyond the visible. If you are a learner who has always sought deeper meanings to common issues, you should consider philosophy as your course of study. This is because your mind will be pushed beyond mere seeking of knowledge, to seeking deeper understanding and wisdom. You will not only develop higher perspectives and views regarding self, but also regarding others and the world in which we live.

You will be constantly involved in seeking knowledge, provoked to ask questions, pushed to evaluate the answers you find, and prompted to reason about the most basic life events. Some of the most common provoking questions that you will encounter as a philosophy student include: Does God exist? What does it mean to be a human? What is our purpose? Does time exist? These are thought-provoking questions that can be answered with a simple yes/no by the general public. However, as a philosopher, you will be required to provide reasoning for the answers to these questions.

Development of Superlative Persuasive Skills

Provocation of thought not only prompts the development of critical thinking skills, but also encourages learners to acquire persuasive skills. As a philosophy student, you will be required to formulate arguments that stimulate the need for further investigation. There are no right or wrong answers, just well-substantiated arguments. Therefore, your arguments must not only be thought-stimulating but also exceedingly convincing. 

Philosophy will teach you to appreciate other people’s arguments, while defending your own, hence encouraging you to embrace competing perspectives with respect. In order for you to effectively and substantially defend your own opinions, extensive research, which includes reading and writing, is required. You will, therefore, acquire more knowledge and skills as a result of your persuasive skills. Philosophical dialogues with like-minded people will also prove essential to your philosophy course, and particularly, to your ability in acquiring persuasive skills.

Availability of Learning Resources and Online Assignment Help

Philosophy, like any other course, can be quite overwhelming to many students. However, online philosophy assignment help is always available for students who might be encountering challenges in completing their assignments successfully. Similarly, online resources such as libraries are at the disposal of philosophy students, making their learning journey not only bearable, but also enjoyable. 

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