Tips for Designing a Luxurious Living Room

Tips for Designing a Luxurious Living Room
Tips for Designing a Luxurious Living Room

Believe it or not, luxury isn’t only for the rich. With the right plan and an eye for detail, you can design a living room that’s both personal and lush.

Transform your space from conventional to extraordinary. Use these tips for designing a luxurious living room.

Install Statement Lighting

Light plays an important part in creating mood. Consider the areas and objects you want to be illuminated, then choose fixtures that can cast the light you need. For example, while overhead lights brighten an entire room, you can use wall sconces to throw light upward for a more dramatic look.

Choose stylish light fixtures so that they double as decorative objects. Popular statement lighting styles for a luxurious living room include glamorous mid-century fixtures and wooden chandeliers.

Use Beautiful Fabric

Fabric has always been a key element in softening the lines in a room and adding texture. Your window draperies, rug, throw pillows, blankets, and seating give you many opportunities to mix and match the fabric.

For luxury with an artistic flair, use fabric with bold designs and colors. For elegant simplicity, adhere to a few colors and minimal patterns.

One luxe piece of furniture in vogue is the velvet sofa. Velvet couches and armchairs are comfortable and bring an incredible depth of color to your living room. However, be sure to follow the right care routine for velvet furniture to keep it gorgeous.

Adorn With Meaningful Art

The final tip for designing a luxurious living room is to embellish it with meaningful art. When you choose pieces of personal significance, you create a unique space and showcase your individuality.

While you can display familiar, mass-produced images, your space will truly stand out with distinctive art. Whether you’re showcasing decorative objects in bookcases or hanging art on walls, choose pieces that you love. It can be art you enjoy looking at or something connected to a special moment. Whatever you choose, the personal aspect will bring a touch of the unexpected to your luxe space.