Tips for Picking the Right Curtains for Your Space

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Tips for Picking the Right Curtains for Your Space
Tips for Picking the Right Curtains for Your Space

Redecorating a room can be a total hassle. Imagine you’ve repainted, redecorated, and updated a few furniture pieces. Now all that’s left is choosing the curtains, but you’re unsure which material and length will look good. Explore the following tips to help pick the right curtains for your space.

Choose the Ideal Length

Most people want curtains that stop as soon as they touch the floor. That’s been the standard look for years. But to achieve a more dramatic look, allow the material to drape a few inches onto the floor into a puddle.

Consider stopping the curtain length a few inches above the ground if you have kids. It can eliminate headaches like children tripping and pulling the fabric. A classic option is stopping the curtain length at the window sill. The ideal length for your curtains depends on which look you’re going for.

Select the Correct Fabric

The fabric you choose affects the look of the space. There are plenty of materials available to create an aesthetically pleasing room. Sheer fabric will help make the area feel light, airy, and romantic. Velvet curtains will add texture and softness to a room.

When you’re picking out curtains, consider the other décor and the amount of light you want shining through the windows. Bedrooms need blackout curtains to create a dark space perfect for slumber. A minimalist-designed living room would pair well with sheer fabrics.

Curtains Versus Drapes

Understanding the difference between curtains and drapes can help you make the best decision for what your space needs.

  • Curtains – fabric panels used mainly for privacy reasons. They’re made of light materials and hung from curtain rods.
  • Drapes – fabric panels used mainly for blocking sunlight. They’re made of thicker materials and also hung from curtain rods.

Curtains are perfect for living and dining rooms. Hang drapes in bedrooms, family rooms, and media rooms. They’ll help block out the light and provide privacy.

Measure the Window Correctly

You must measure correctly to ensure you purchase the necessary length and width. There are several mistakes to avoid when measuring corner windows for curtains. The best way to determine the width is to measure the entire frame and then multiply that by a factor of two. This equation will provide you with the perfect amount of fabric.

Remember, your curtains shouldn’t clash with the overall look of your room. Use the above tips to help pick the right curtains for your space. When the job is complete, take a step back and admire your hard work.