Tips for Preparing Your Home for the Fall Season

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Tips for Preparing Your Home for the Fall Season
Tips for Preparing Your Home for the Fall Season

Now that Labor Day has passed, the cooler months are soon to arrive. Fall is a busy season for homeowners. There are many things to do, from raking leaves to outfitting indoor spaces for winter. Find out the best tips for preparing your home for the fall season so that you and your family are ready for the coming cozy months.

Clear Your Gutters

Cleaning out gutters is on almost every homeowner’s fall to-do list. But people often push it off as long as possible. It can be a hassle to haul a ladder out of storage, climb up, and scoop the stray leaves out of your gutters. However, leaving them there can quickly cause problems. Clogged gutters can damage your home by creating runoff that leads to water damage. Inspect this area often during the fall months, especially if your yard has many trees. When you notice the leaves starting to change and drop, that’s your sign to begin.

Prepare Your Fireplace

If you have a fireplace in your home, you’re probably getting ready to use it more often in the upcoming months. Before you start using your fireplace, make sure to have it inspected for optimal safety conditions. If you have fires at home often, you may want to get your fireplace cleaned and ready for the season. You might even want to stock up on firewood ahead of time if you plan to have a cozy fire every weekend.

Check Your HVAC System

When the nights become colder, you might want to swap your HVAC system from air conditioning to heating. Just as you should get your fireplace checked for safety, you should schedule an inspection and tune-up for your heating system. You can clear debris, plants, and other obstructions around your outdoor unit to improve your system’s energy efficiency and performance.

Perform Outdoor Cleanup

Along with cleaning around your HVAC unit, you should also prep your yard for the cold months. Cover your patio and outdoor furniture that won’t get much use past summer. Keep your yard clear of branches and other debris to make raking leaves easier and faster.

With these tips for preparing your home for the fall season, you can tackle the quickly approaching cooler months. Protect your home and have a cozy fall season with these steps.