Tips for Throwing a Boat Wedding

Tips for Throwing a Boat Wedding
Tips for Throwing a Boat Wedding

Plenty of couples want their wedding to be stunning and unique but don’t find the perfect plan of attack. Luckily, the answer’s simple; boat weddings can be extravagant, intimate, and memorable. However, as with any venue, planning a boat wedding takes careful preparation. Reading these tips for throwing a boat wedding will help you prevent simple mistakes from messing up the big day.

Consider Carrying Capacity

Boats can only carry so many people, which greatly impacts the wedding guest list. Before finalizing the guest list and sending out RSVPs, clarify how many people you can bring aboard. This might sound restricting but finalizing a guest list is hard as it is, so being beholden to the boat’s carrying capacity is immensely helpful. In fact, the small-scale nature of the venue is one of the top reasons for throwing boat weddings. Plus, since gatherings aren’t quite back to normal due to the pandemic, a smaller venue for a more intimate reception shouldn’t be a problem. Luckily, you can find boats of different sizes for throwing weddings, so shop around before committing to a specific watercraft.

Find the Perfect View

One of the benefits of throwing events on a boat is mobility. Discuss with the boat rental service where they can bring the craft. That way, you can understand the perimeters of the venue and all the potential scenic spots you can drop anchor. While photo booths can be lavish, photo ops on a boat can be truly breathtaking. The brilliant water, stunning sky, and captivating plant life in and around the lake or ocean are factors you can’t recreate indoors. Not only is finding the perfect view great for photo ops, but it also sets a grand atmosphere for the whole event.

Know the Legal Boundaries

Determining local laws is one of the best tips for throwing a boat party; it’s crucial yet solvable with some simple research. Before embarking on a boat wedding, look into your local laws regarding marriage licenses. Regulations for legal marriages will differ from state to state, so read up on your local laws to ensure your big day doesn’t go to waste.

In some cases, couples marry at the dock before sailing out onto the water to resolve the issue. On the other hand, some couples will obtain marriage licenses before the big day, using the boat as a celebratory venue rather than a legally binding event. Whatever your state’s regulations may be, there’s typically a method around it so you can have the best of both worlds—a legal marriage and a beautifully unique venue. To find a suitable solution, take some time to sift through your state’s requirements today.