Top Equipment Your Pizzeria’s Kitchen Needs

Top Equipment Your Pizzeria’s Kitchen Needs
Top Equipment Your Pizzeria’s Kitchen Needs

Running a business isn’t easy, especially if you’re trying to run a pizzeria. You have to take overhead, customer service, and staff acquisition into account. One of the first things you must do is take stock of your equipment and supplies. What’s the right equipment for you? Learn more in our examination of the top equipment your pizzeria’s kitchen needs to succeed.

The Pizza Oven

No one can deny it; the pizza oven is central to the profitability and sustainability of your pizzeria. How do you even begin to make pizzas without it? Getting the right oven is crucial to your pizzeria’s signature taste, and the type of oven goes a long way in determining what styles of pizza you can make. Some ovens might produce the Chicago deep dish, while others may specialize in the New York thin crust. If you have the space and want a more artisan atmosphere, you can even consider an outdoor pizza oven. Choose wisely; ovens come in conveyor, brick, deck, convection, and many more types. No matter which style you choose, the right oven is a major equipment item your pizzeria kitchen needs.

Pizza Dough Prep Equipment

You need a ton of pizza dough prep items. These items range from your commercial mixer to your pizza paddles. However, one of the most important pieces of equipment you’ll need in your kitchen is the pizza dough press. Hand tossing your pizza can take time and energy. Why not use a pizza dough press to do the work for you? A pizza dough press will ensure you can achieve a consistent texture and cook, and your customers will be satisfied. Spiral and planetary mixers are also worth investing in simply because they mix large amounts of dough, allowing you to save time.

Pizza Making Tools

From prep to service, having a wide array of tools allows you to make the best pizza for your customers. Utensils such as ladles will guarantee that you can stir your ingredients and spread sauces with ease. A pizza cutter will help you divide your pizzas into pie-shaped—or square-shaped—slices. Cutting boards are also essential, especially if you’re working with dough that has flour in it and sauce. As long as you have this equipment, you can feel equipped to satisfy your customers.