Top Signs Your Home Needs a Roof Replacement

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Top Signs Your Home Needs a Roof Replacement
Top Signs Your Home Needs a Roof Replacement

The roof is an important aspect of your home. You may take it for granted until you notice leaking or missing shingles. It’s vital to routinely check your roof for the top signs your home needs a roof replacement. Continue reading to explore what specific warnings to look for during your inspection.

You See Interior Water Damage

A leaky roof can make itself known through interior water damage. You’ll see water spots, stains, and streaks on the walls or ceiling. The visible signs can also appear in the attic.

To distinguish the difference between a leaky roof and pipe, you need to know what to look for. Water damage near the tops of walls, ceilings, or the attic often indicates roof issues. Hire a professional contractor to come out and inspect your roof. They’ll be able to spot the leak’s exact location, assess the damage, and discuss the solution, which is getting a new roof in many cases.

You Experienced Storm Damage

Storms can be powerful enough to damage your roof. Inspecting your home after an intense storm goes through the area is important. Look for missing shingles or areas where your shingles have broken loose because of the damaging winds, rain, or hail. Check for spots where debris has punctured the shingles.

Contact a professional immediately if you notice anything wrong with your roof after a storm. You could experience indoor damage if you delay. Water can seep through the openings causing extensive and costly damage inside your house. A residential roofing company will come out, inspect the damage, and get you a new roof.

You Spot a Sagging Roofline

If your roofline is anything besides straight and strong, that’s a problem. There shouldn’t be any sagging, dipping, or curving visible to the naked eye. It’s time to investigate the issue immediately when you see these things. The cause could be a framing issue, but it could also be a saturated roof deck, which will require a new roof.

Look for signs of accompanying water damage, shingle damage, and leaks with the sagging. Fix this problem quickly before you have more extensive destruction to deal with.

You See Moss Growing on Your Roof

Moss isn’t the houseplant you want flourishing in your home. There’s usually trouble when you see it growing on your roof. It’s an indication that you can have trapped moisture ruining your roof. You can use a brush to clear away the moss, but you’ll still need a professional to come out and address the underlying issue.

Don’t sleep on these signs your home needs a roof replacement. You could be dealing with larger and more costly consequences if you do.