Top Tips To Make Your Kitchen Work Better

Top Tips To Make Your Kitchen Work Better
Top Tips To Make Your Kitchen Work Better

What good is a beautiful kitchen if cooking takes twice as long, thanks to disorganization and useless tools? Make your kitchen work better in no time by keeping track of what you have on hand, making a few adjustments, and investing in what counts.

Keep Your Favorites Nearby

When cooking, things go more smoothly when favorite spices and tools are within a quick reach. Organize the items you regularly use in a way that makes them easy to grab when the chili needs another dash of spice or an onion needs chopping.

Eliminate Tools

Go through your kitchen tools, and ditch the ones that you never use. Sometimes, after years of accumulation, we don’t realize we’ve collected five sets of measuring spoons or three garlic presses. No doubt you grab the same one over and over. Clear up space and make finding utensils and tools easy by keeping the best and donating the rest.

Dull Knives Make Dicing Dangerous

If you don’t have a knife sharpener, get one. Dull knives don’t allow for proper cutting and chopping. The added pressure you use to try to slice and dice puts fingers at risk when the knife slips. There are many different kinds, but even a simple sharpener for just a few dollars will improve your situation.

Boost Your Storage System

Some of you are thinking, “What storage system?” We’ve all been there. Whether you are a storage guru or never really consider that you could improve yours, take a closer look, and make adjustments where you need them.

To clear clutter and make room for more important things like rolling pie crusts and pizza dough, consider adding hidden storage to free up counter space. An appliance lift and pull-out storage are both lifesavers when it comes to getting things off the counters. Inexpensive plastic bins and containers can take a pantry from chaos to calm. Cute baskets on the counter hide the contents but keep them on hand when you need them.

All those spiced don’t need to take up your cabinet space. Over-the-door spice racks, a container in the pantry, or a drawer work well also.

Pen and Paper

Sure, use your smartphone if you prefer, but nothing is handier for jotting down your grocery list when your hands are covered in butter and flour than a good old-fashioned notebook and pen. Keep it in a designated space in the kitchen so you can always find it as soon as you realize you’re running low on something.

Invest Where It Counts

We don’t all need forks that are $100 each. We do, however, need some quality pots and pans and cooking utensils. Invest in what matters, and you’ll get a lifetime of use with higher-end chef’s knives, cookware, and other items that need to work in the way they should.

Use these tips to make your kitchen work better and add some ideas of your own to create a kitchen you love to cook in.

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