What You Need to Plan a Family Reunion Picnic

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What You Need to Plan a Family Reunion Picnic
What You Need to Plan a Family Reunion Picnic

Many people have gone a long time without seeing their extended family. Fortunately, we’re now beginning to gather safely, making it ideal for bringing relatives around and catching up. Discover what you need to plan a family reunion picnic and make some memories together.

Work Out a Guest List

Your first task should be to decide who you want to invite. Make a guest list of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and anybody else who you want to attend. Once you’ve created the list, you can send out invites through Facebook, phone, or mail to get everyone on the same page.

Pick the Right Date

Picking the best possible date is vital for ensuring the greatest number of people can attend. Communicate your plans for the reunion with everyone well before so you can work out everyone’s schedule. Try to give them a few different dates to choose from to help narrow down the choices.

Find the Perfect Spot

The number of people you expect to attend will affect the kind of location you select. You can typically hold smaller gatherings in your backyard, which should be comfortable enough to accommodate everyone safely. However, if you have a large group, you might consider going to the beach or a local park to handle everyone.

Meet People’s Sanitation and Bathroom Needs

Even though you’ll be outside, you should ensure that everyone is safe and sanitary during the event. Offer hygienic supplies such as hand sanitizer, so people can keep their hands clean at all times. If you anticipate many guests, you might consider renting porta potties or restroom trailers so there are no concerns about using the bathroom.

Figure Out Food and Drink

Food and drink will be a significant consideration when deciding what you need to plan a family reunion picnic. The most straightforward approach to stock up is hosting a potluck and assigning each person a specific dish to contribute. You can also ask around to see if anyone has extras such as lawn chairs, coolers, and outdoor games to round out the picnic.

A picnic is a fantastic way to begin returning to normalcy if you and your family feel comfortable and safe together. After all, we could all benefit from a distraction from reality these days.