5 At-Home Solutions for Allergy Flare-Ups

5 At-Home Solutions for Allergy Flare-Ups
5 At-Home Solutions for Allergy Flare-Ups

Every season brings its own set of maladies to the table. During these warm months, you may be experiencing allergic reactions to pollen, ragweed, and grass clippings. The symptoms don’t have to last forever, though! Try these five at-home solutions for allergy flare-ups next time you feel the sneezes coming on.

Neti Pot

A neti pot is a teapot-like container that will help you flush your nasal passages. Fill your neti pot (not all the way to the top!) with very warm salt water, tip your head to the side, and pour into one nostril. The saline solution will flow through your nasal cavity and come out through the other nostril. Tip your head to the other side and repeat with your other nostril. The salt helps decrease irritation, and the warm water will loosen and flush out excess mucus. Make sure to use distilled or sterilized water and lean your head over the sink as you pour.

Process of Elimination

Do you find yourself feeling sick or swollen after eating certain foods? Try eliminating them from your diet for a few weeks and see if you feel better. Reintroduce those foods to your diet one at a time and track your symptoms as you do so. You may find that you’re particularly sensitive to meat, gluten, or even garlic. If you know which foods trigger your symptoms, you can avoid them more easily.

Filter Your Air

Take control over the air quality in your home. Install air filters and change them regularly to reduce the amount of pollen and other airborne allergens in your home. This also means keeping your doors and windows closed. If you’re often outside during the day, do laundry more often. Keep your clothes and linens clean, and you may find your sinuses opening up!

Steam Therapy

Next time you’ve got a pot of water on the stove, gently lean your head over and take advantage of the steam rising from it. The heat can work wonders on a stuffy nose—just make sure that the water’s not boiling! You can also spend a few extra minutes in a hot shower and take deep, cleansing breaths.

Know When to Seek Help

If you’ve been trying these DIY solutions for weeks and nothing is helping, seek the advice of an allergy specialist; it may be time for medical intervention. Call an allergist; they’ll work with you on a care plan that fits your individual needs.

Allergies, seasonal or otherwise, don’t have to put a damper on your good time. With these at-home solutions for allergy flare-ups, you’ve got the power to relieve many of your own symptoms.