Best Outdoor Activities To Do on Vacation in Colorado

Best Outdoor Activities To Do on Vacation in Colorado
Best Outdoor Activities To Do on Vacation in Colorado

Many tourists flock to Colorado for vacation. It’s a place where outdoor enthusiasts come to play in the amazing national parks and watch the incredible wildlife. If you’re looking for outdoor activities to do on your next Colorado vacation, you’ve clicked on the right blog post.

Whitewater Rafting

Colorado is among the best places in the United States to go whitewater rafting. You can enjoy a trip that’s a few hours long or go out for days at a time. Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Colorado from a unique perspective.

If you’re feeling incredibly adventurous and are up to a tough challenge, the state’s Southwest region is home to the more challenging rafting trips. Search to find the perfect whitewater rafting adventure for your party. Whatever type you’re looking for, you’ll find it in the great state of Colorado.

Jeep Tours at Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak is an incredible tourist destination in Colorado, but how about experiencing it in a unique way? Take a breathtaking tour up to the summit in a Jeep! The trip takes around three to four hours, but you’ll be telling your friends and family about your amazing experience long after.

The Jeep tour guide will stop at specific locations along the route to allow you to take photos. It’s a different world above the treeline, and you’ll want proof. You certainly won’t forget this experience.


If you’re looking for the ideal place to hike, it’s Colorado. It’s a hiker’s paradise. You could spend years exploring the state and only cover less than half of the state’s trails. It truly has something for everyone. You’ll find short and long and easy and challenging hikes.

Rocky Mountain National Park has breathtaking views and various trail styles. It’s a great place for beginners. As you hike through the park, you can watch wildlife and gaze upon one of the gorgeous waterfalls. This national park is a quick 90-minute drive from Denver. Ensure you add hiking to your list of outdoor activities while on vacation in Colorado.

Hiking Safety Tips

It’s important to stay safe while you’re out hiking in Colorado. Don’t venture off the trails; otherwise, you risk becoming lost. Avoid feeding and touching the wildlife. Have a plan for emergencies. Getting cell phone service in many national parks can be hard, and having a plan is crucial. Tell someone where you’re going and when you plan to return. They can alert authorities if you don’t return. Carry a pocket knife with you. It can get you out of sticky situations. Always ensure you clean the pocket knife when you return from your trip.

Colorado is a beautiful state to visit, whether you’re traveling with family, your spouse, or friends. Try one or all of the above outdoor activities on your next trip to Colorado. Book your getaway today! You won’t regret it.