Clever Ways To Add a Touch of Color to Your Living Space

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Clever Ways To Add a Touch of Color to Your Living Space
Clever Ways To Add a Touch of Color to Your Living Space

Decorating interiors with neutral hues is a timeless, safe choice—a firm favorite among the modern-day design crowd. But yet, is a blander palette always the best design choice? We all need a little color and character in our lives from time to time.

Thankfully, you can maintain a minimalistic aesthetic while still incorporating some pops of color into varying areas of the home. Let’s take a closer look at a few clever ways to add a touch of color to your living space. Here’s how to curate a thoughtful color scheme that speaks to your personality.

A Flooring Focus: Throw Down a Rug

Many clever ways to add a touch of color to your living space are available to you. But no decorating avenue can bring a room together as flooring does. In the context of flooring choice, you should focus closely on the concepts of matching and coordinating. Coordinating floors provides greater freedom to explore fresh grains, colors, and finishes in your chosen scheme.

The addition of an area rug may distinctively benefit homes with tiles or hardwoods. A rug serves as the essential anchor of the room and a key decorative accessory that sets the mood. A brighter rug can elevate interior areas with a softer feel or muted walls and furnishings. The savvy choice is to choose a colorful rug with a pattern that ultimately complements your own sense of style.

Create an Accent: Take Advantage of Accessories

If you’re sick of seeing the same four walls, then you should take advantage of accessories. Accessories make eye-catching elements of joy in a home. Easing into more colorful options can add some visual interest and impactful detail. Whether you choose to create an accent wall or intersperse random objects or art around, maintaining cohesion and balance is critical.

Try grouping like-colored accessories together or incorporating seasonal shades into the space with floral arrangements. These portable and non-permanent adornments provide limitless solutions for cleverly adding a dose of vibrance to your everyday lifestyle.

Incorporate Texture: Use Cushions, Blankets, and Fabrics

Next to color palettes, textures trump all in the world of interior design. Consider a few keen approaches you can take to implement a spark of personality in your interiors with textiles. Whether you choose a sofa or a sectional for your main space, you should remember that what you place on top of the furniture matters. Even a singular colorful patterned piece like a throw pillow can make a statement.

When all’s said and done, integrating color with diverse textural elements could be just what a neutral space needs. Experiment with the above tried-and-true strategies to curate a high-end, put-together look you’ll be sure to love.