Factors To Consider When Purchasing a Dog Collar

Factors To Consider When Purchasing a Dog Collar
Factors To Consider When Purchasing a Dog Collar

Dog collar shopping shouldn’t be an overwhelming experience, but there are so many types and styles that it’s hard to know which is best. Before you start browsing online or perusing the aisles, there are factors to consider when purchasing a dog collar. These considerations will help you make the best decision for your dog.

Collar Size

You want to purchase the right-sized collar for your dog. Ensure you frequently check to see if the collar is too tight or too big. You should be able to fit two fingers between the collar and your dog’s skin.

There are safety concerns for both loose and tight collars. A tight-fitting collar could lead to restricted airways and skin irritations. You can end up causing health problems for your dog if you leave the collar too tight.

Your dog can slip out of a loose-fitting collar and run away. There’s also the possibility that it becomes stuck on an object harming your pup. Avoid these circumstances by selecting a collar that fits your dog.

Your Dog’s Breed

The collar that works for a Jack Russell terrier isn’t going to work for a Great Dane. Each breed grows at a different rate. Some dog breeds may fluctuate in size, while others will barely change. You need a collar that will accommodate the rapid growth if you get your dog as a puppy.

The other consideration about dog breeds is their fur density. Some pups have thick fur coats. Allowing the collar to stay visible will keep it from becoming entangled.

Your Pup’s Safety

Do you take early morning or late night walks with your furry friend? Does your dog frequently try to escape the backyard? There are collars available with safety features to give you greater peace of mind. Reflective collars are perfect when you’re out with your pup after dark or before sunrise. Reflective materials significantly reduce your risk of getting hit by a passing car.

Nameplate collars are an excellent option for dogs that try to escape often. They increase your pup’s safety by clearly displaying your contact information and any medical information. Nameplate collars provide more benefits than safety. They’re also quiet and convenient.

Take the guesswork out of collar shopping and use the above factors to help you purchase a dog collar. You’re bound to grab one that’s the correct size and with the safety features your pup needs.