Do Metal Roofs Rust Over Time?

    Do Metal Roofs Rust Over Time?

    When it comes time for homeowners to install a roof, they have many possibilities to choose from. One of the most popular roofing options out there is metal. However, some misconceptions about metal roofing exist, such as the possibility of rust. To help you make the best decision for your family, address a common question: Do metal roofs rust over time?

    Rainfall causing rust to develop on metal roofs is an understandable worry for new or potential owners. Many people wonder about this because not every homeowner knows the specific properties of certain metals. Likewise, many homeowners aren’t privy to the lengths to which manufacturers go to provide metal roofs with suitable protection.

    For instance, zinc, copper, and aluminum are three metals that defend themselves from rust development impressively. On the other hand, steel will rust under certain conditions, but that doesn’t stop it from being a common roofing material. Luckily, with protective coatings, manufacturers can improve steel’s defense against the elements. For roofing, suppliers frequently use galvanized steel. Through galvanization, manufacturers coat steel in rust-resistant metals such as zinc or copper. In doing so, the steel’s defense against the elements grows immensely.

    However, beyond steel galvanization, reliable metal roof manufacturers use special paint coatings on all products. Even aluminum panels benefit from a good Kynar 500 coating. With the right protective paint, metal roofing protects itself against rust, fading, and other cosmetic damages. Most metal roofs can last at least 50 years, though some can remain intact for as long as a century. Here’s a helpful tip: if you hire a bad roofing contractor, you may not get the best performance from your roof. To prevent that from happening, look for a contractor who has good reviews and years of experience working with metal roofing. That way, you can ensure the metal roof withstands much more than rust.

    So do metal roofs rust over time? Thankfully, if you invest in the right materials and contractors, you’ll never see rust spreading across your metal rooftop. As mentioned above, there are many different misconceptions about metal roofs. If you pick up a high-quality metal roof from an experienced contractor, you’ll see firsthand that metal roofs live up to their promises of longevity, durability, and energy efficiency.