Job Positions To Obtain Without a College Degree

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Job Positions To Obtain Without a College Degree
Job Positions To Obtain Without a College Degree

College isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay. There are plenty of careers you can build without getting a higher education. You can receive certifications and training specific to your chosen job to help you advance in the field. These are job positions to obtain without a college degree.


Firefighters have one of the most demanding jobs out there. Most stations have shifts that last 24 hours, where you’re on call for emergencies.

To become a firefighter, you’ll need a high school diploma or GED. You’ll receive training at the firefighter academy, and some states require other certifications like emergency medical technician (EMT).

Wind Turbine Technician

If you can handle heights and are passionate about alternative energy sources, consider becoming a wind turbine technician. This position involves maintaining and installing wind turbines. You’ll be outside quite often and working in small spaces, so if you have anxiety about confined spaces, this may not be the job for you.

This industry is growing rapidly because wind energy is expanding each year. You won’t need to worry much about finding a job as a wind turbine technician.


There was a time when pilots were required to have bachelor’s degrees to become pilots, but this requirement has since been dropped. Airlines may prefer the degree, but skipping college and enrolling in accelerated flight school gives you more time in the cockpit. The investment may seem hefty, but you’re looking at a higher-paying salary for the demanding schedule and duties you’ll see as a pilot.

Oil Field Worker

The oil and gas industry has plenty of positions available. Some require higher education, and others don’t.

Are you looking for an entry-level position in the oil and gas industry? An oil field worker will get your foot in the door and allow you to grow. You’ll keep the construction site safe and maintain and develop builds on oil rigs. You could also help with tool transportation and equipment.

You don’t have to attend college to have an upstanding career and job. Any of the above job positions are excellent choices where you can advance in life without a college degree. You’ll be set for life.