Tips for Learning a New Language Before Traveling

Tips for Learning a New Language Before Traveling
Tips for Learning a New Language Before Traveling

With vaccines rolling out and travel restrictions easing, taking that next vacation abroad is quickly becoming more viable for people who are able to. One of the best ways to ensure you’re comfortable when traveling to a new country is learning the native language. Whether you’re venturing abroad to gather with family or escaping on a well-earned vacation, knowing the language is invaluable. Although learning a new language might sound tough, these tips for learning a new language before traveling can make your education more attainable.

Use It in Regular Conversations

Learning a new language is more than learning how to translate words; you have to know how to weave those words into coherent, natural-sounding sentences. The best way to make a new language feel more natural is by using that language at home. If you don’t live with any friends or family who can oblige, you can always head online and find a suitable tutor or conversation partner—both options are viable. At the end of the day, your choice ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Watch Relevant Entertainment

A great method for learning the nuances of a foreign language is watching relevant entertainment, such as movies or television series. The nuance of how you say something, from the tone to the pronunciation of words, affects how someone perceives what you’re saying. By seeing how native speakers of any given language say certain words or phrases with specific tones, you can learn those nuances while taking in a bit of culture in the form of entertainment. This is one of the best tips for learning a new language before traveling because it combines education and fun, as long as you find a good movie or TV show to indulge in.

Prioritize Your Practice Time

If you’re committing to learning a new language, stick with it. Skipping daily practices due to frustration is easy and common. However, don’t let simple learning struggles deter you from embracing the culture at hand. Becoming fluent in a new language is tough, but it’s a challenge worth tackling. By making an effort to overcome the obstacles to learning a new language, navigating to your destination should be more comfortable. A key method of pushing the frustrations of language learning aside is keeping your practice consistent each day. As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect.