5 Ways To Control Grease in Your Restaurant Kitchen

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5 Ways To Control Grease in Your Restaurant Kitchen
5 Ways To Control Grease in Your Restaurant Kitchen

Cooking oil is one of the best ingredients to use for food, but it’s a mess if it gets onto the floor or clogs your plumbing system. You can help save the environment from your kitchen by cleaning up messes and reducing grease in the local plumbing system. Follow these five ways to control grease in your restaurant kitchen.

Clean and Maintain Grease Traps

Grease traps come in handy when you’re trying to prevent frying grease from going down the drain and seeping into the local sewers. Once the sewer traps are full of fat, you must clean them out immediately, or else they won’t have the ability to filter grease and oils properly. If your small grease traps have any problems, fix them right away. Otherwise, contact a professional so they can help you clean your larger, more difficult-to-maintain grease traps.

Wipe Grease and Oil From Dishes

Once a dish gets used, immediately rinse any grease off before cleaning it. Rinsing can help reduce the amount of oil that goes down the drain and through the plumbing system. When there’s less grease and oil going down the sink, you prevent plumbing issues from occurring.

Clean Kitchen Exhaust Filters Frequently

Not only is cooking oil and grease bad to drain in the sink, but if too much is soaked up into the exhaust filters, it can harm workers’ health. When the filters overfill with oil and kitchen fumes, they can’t escape outside. They could leak into the sewer system when it rains or even create fire hazards. Clean your kitchen exhausts to improve workers’ health and their wellbeing to avoid problems.

Train Your Employees

You can’t clean the filters or grease traps all the time—simply because you’re not in the restaurant all the time. Help your employees by setting up training segments to learn how to use cooking oil equipment and the best practices for regularly cleaning grease traps and kitchen filters.

Keep the Floors Clean

Keeping your floors clean is another thing you should add to employee’s training and daily workday plan. If an area is heavy with grease and gets ignored, the risk of workplace accidents around this area increases. Avoid this by informing your team of the importance of keeping floors clean of grease and how they can easily remove it by using specialty cleaning products.

Clean up all oil messes by following these five ways to control grease in your restaurant kitchen. Instill these best practices of cleaning grease traps and filters to help maintain your workers’ health and reduce oil in the plumbing system.