Cannabis Strains With The Highest THC Content

The Italian-American Page Team

Cannabis strains come with two main active ingredients, and they are known as CBD and THC. Both CBD and THC have a significant amount of health benefits to offer, but one main aspect that sets them apart is that THC is a psychoactive element, whereas CBD is not. 

Being the psychoactive element means that THC delivers the “high” effect. It is the compound that takes you to a loopy, dreamy, or to an altered reality world. Cannabis strains that contain high levels of THC are known to help with a number of health conditions. 

These health benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Decreasing inflammation
  • Alleviating pain
  • Reducing nausea
  • Improving muscle control difficulties
  • Increasing appetite
  • Offering a boost in energy
  • Improving one’s mood
  • Improving creativity and focus
  • Relieving symptoms of depression and stress

Today, the number of cannabis strains on the market is vast. They are usually placed in three categories: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. Sativa is generally energizing and uplifting and is best suited for morning and daytime use. Indica is usually relaxing (and sedative in some cases) and it goes well for evening and nighttime use. Hybrid refers to the marijuana plants that contain approximately the same amount of Sativa and Indica. 

So, in this article, we’ll present to you a couple of cannabis strains that contain some of the highest levels of THC. Generally, Sativa plants are the ones that contain higher levels of THC and lower levels of CBD, because they tend to offer invigorating, stimulating, and energizing effects. So, let’s get started. 


This strain is highly popular among those seeking a state of happiness and relaxation. The combination of being both relaxed and uplifted makes its users come back for more. Its THC content is an astonishing 22%. 

Hawaiian is generally used to help those suffering from depression, pain, and stress. This Sativa-dominant plant can leave you feeling creative, energized, euphoric, and genuinely happy. 

Laughing Buddha

This cannabis strain doesn’t only contain a high-level THC of 21%, but it is also an award-winner. One of its main benefits is its ability to cause you giggles even when you are feeling low. Its euphoric, uplifting, mood-improving, happy, and energetic effects are very much appreciated by its users. 

Laughing Buddha is oftentimes used to help with anxiety, stress, depression, pain, and fatigue. 

Silver Haze

With an impressive THC level of 23%, Silver Haze is known to generously offer its users a state of euphoria, happiness, and comforting relaxation. The most common use of this strain is to help with depression, lack of appetite, anxiety, stress, and pain.

Memory Loss

This cannabis strain has a whopping THC level that averages between 26% and 31%. It is known to provide a pretty intense high with its fast-acting capability. 

Memory Loss is commonly used to help alleviate symptoms of depression, stress, fatigue, and nausea. 

Lemon Meringue

This Sativa-dominant strain offers 21% THC, and it is known to deliver a state of happiness, creativity, and energy. 

It is usually used by those dealing with depression, stress, headaches, and fatigue.

Triangle Kush

This Indica-dominant strain contains 23% THC and it is a favorite among artists and creatives for its ability to boost creativity. It also offers feelings of happiness, euphoria, and positive vibes. 

Triangle Kush is known to relieve symptoms of depression, chronic pain, and stress. 

White Tahoe Cookies

The THC levels of this hybrid are known to average around 23%, although some dispensaries have it with THC levels as high as 30%. White Tahoe Cookies can help those suffering from pain, stress, inflammation, and insomnia. 

Besides its ability to make you feel euphoric, happy, relaxed, and sometimes even sleepy, it is said to have some aphrodisiac benefits as well. 

Banana OG

This Indica-dominant hybrid is a good choice for those seeking help with muscle pain, insomnia, and lack of appetite. It has THC levels of 23%, and a bigger quantity of it is known to have a knock-out effect, followed by sleepiness and hunger. 

Bruce Banner

This hybrid lives up to its name. It acts fast and hits hard. With a THC content of 25%, Bruce Banner can “punch” you into a state of heightened creativity, followed by euphoria and a sense of soothing relaxation. 

It is widely used by those seeking help with depression, pain, and stress. 

There are many more strains that contain higher levels of THC. But for all of these, a safety tip is to start small and go slow in order to safely build your tolerance levels.